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Whether sitting at your desk to work on your iMac or MacBook, or lying in bed to catch up on some email or the latest iBook, sometimes you want some extra ambient lighting.  We’ve discovered the Touch Control LED Lamp, from the folks at Aukey, that is a great complement to your favorite Apple technology.

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Aukey Touch Control LED Lamp – Unboxing

As has become typical for all the Aukey products we have reviewed, our Touch Control LED Lamp arrived in a simple brown box.  Inside we found the Aukey Touch Control LED Lamp (Model # LT-T7), an AC power adapter with an extra long cord, a multi-language User Manual and the usual Aukey warranty card.

Photo provided by Aukey

The Aukey Touch Control LED Lamp is made of a frosted white plastic with a polished silver dome on the top and a matching silver ring along the bottom edge.  The lamp measures 8.5” high and 3.9” in diameter (217mm x 100mm) and weighs just 1.71lbs (0.77kg).  On the bottom of the lamp is an input for the power plug and the cable fits neatly into a small groove on the bottom to ensure the lamp rests level on whatever surface you place it on.

The internals of the lamp are not user accessible but according to the Aukey web site, the lamp contains 20 LEDs and consumes only 6 watts of power.

Aukey Touch Control LED Lamp – Test Results

While the Aukey Touch Control LED Lamp is light weight, it has a solid feel.  The cylinder shape and overall modern design would look good in almost any situation.

The silver dome, which is the touch pad used to activate the light and adjust the brightness goes well with the overall design.

A simple touch of the dome turns the lamp on and off.  Holding your finger on the dome increases or decreases the intensity of the light.  Even at full strength, we did not find the light to be overpowering and the frosted case prevented it from being harsh.

The Aukey web site describes the lamp as a “warm white light” and their on-line photos depicts the lamp with a yellow cast.  We don’t know if they are referring to warm as the effect of the light or the more technical color temperature.  We would consider the light output to be more towards the “cool white” rather than the “warm white” color temperature.

This is not a negative and we personally prefer a cool white light, especially for reading and computer work.

We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of light this little lamp produced.  While hard to show in any photo, we set up the lamp on a kitchen island with all the lights off and took a photo of the room at about 10:00 PM, which was well after sundown.  Here are the results.

Touch Control Lamp Output
Touch Control LED Lamp Output

At maximum brightness, the Aukey Touch Control LED Lamp is rated at 300 lumens and as you can see, there is ample light to maneuver around the room and you would have little issue reading or looking at a printed page if close to the lamp.  And because these are LEDs, they remain cool even when leaving the lamp on for hours.

The ability to dim the light with a touch of the top dome was very convenient and we liked that the light turns back on at whatever level you had it set to last.

The Bottom Line

While not a product that specifically interfaces with an Apple product, we can see many opportunities to use the Aukey Touch Control LED Lamp with your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

The 300 lumen LED output provides plenty of light even in the darkest situations and because it uses a 12-volt AC adapter for power, you don’t need to worry about running out of light after a long period of use.

The sleek design and frosted white dome give a modern look that would go well in almost any décor and the silver touch control dome make the brightness adjustment quick and easy.

The Aukey Touch Control LED Lamp has a 45-day money back guarantee and a 24-month Product Replacement warranty. It has an MSRP of $45.99 and is available from the AUKEY web site.

We would like to thank the folks at Aukey for providing the Aukey Touch Control LED Lamp for our testing and review.

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