Why Choose Apple For Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of businesses is a new reality that requires a complete overhaul of corporate procedures and client management. It is a long-term commitment necessary for long-term survival in a competitive market. With the application of digital technologies, companies expect to improve their processes, solve pain points, and deliver a better customer experience.

To ensure a successful digital transformation, your organization does not only need a dedicated, highly skilled IT team but also a platform that can adapt with you and provide a balance of stability and flexibility.

A vast majority of companies have been using Apple devices. This is partly because employees who use iOS products in their personal lives prefer to bring their own devices or request access to the same technology at work. However, there are several other reasons the Apple platform is favored by most in the enterprise space.

Read on to find out why many organizations are turning to Apple for digital transformation.

High-quality Products and Features

Apple devices are known for their high-quality build and long lifespan. Unlike many other tech manufacturers, Apple produces both the hardware and software components of their products, ensuring that they are flawlessly designed to work together. This increases product reliability and reduces the likelihood of bugs and glitches that may affect workplace productivity. 

Having co-engineered products also means consistent user experiences across all Apple devices, so an employee with an iPhone can easily learn how to use a MacBook. Moreover, with the Handoff feature, you can close a file on your desktop Mac when you leave the office then continue working on the same file on your iPhone while you travel.

iCloud has also been a regular feature of an Apple account for some time. This storage helps you keep your important information, such as your documents, photos, and videos, safe, up-to-date, and accessible across all of your devices.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Apple has top-notch security compared to other mainstream platforms. This includes everything from system-level security, such as using the Face ID or Touch ID for authentication, to sandbox applications for testing programs or potentially malicious software, to AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption for data at rest, and a VPN over the transport layer for data in transit.

Apple also lets you enroll devices in a mobile device management (MDM) program. A remote management profile can be installed and configured on an employee’s Apple device via an MDM profile. An IT administrator can remotely install and uninstall programs, disable features, monitor activities, restrict Internet traffic, track an employee’s location, and block a device. Note that this security software only allows access to corporate data and apps and not personal information, making this solution ideal in BYOD or mobile working environments, where the IT department can control corporate data without touching your personal files.

Apple’s iOS 14 update has also reshaped and improved data privacy and user experience. As a result of the policy changes, you now have a more transparent choice for protecting your privacy and information. When you download an app, you’ll be asked if you want to allow the app to track your activities across other apps and websites. You have the option to allow tracking or prevent the app from tracking you.

Ease of Deployment

Apple does not only have the most business apps and ready-to-use solutions, but it also makes it easier for developers and data engineers to perform their jobs, with both iOS and macOS designed to be compatible with management solutions. 

Apple also launched the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), which makes it easier for businesses to deploy and configure Apple devices. This system enables organizations to distribute iPad and iPhone devices, MacBooks, and Mac desktops purchased directly from Apple or authorized resellers in a swift and streamlined way. With zero-touch enrollment, your IT admin can manage how a device accesses accounts, apps, files, and more once the device is active.

One of the biggest advantages of iOS is that it’s simple and compatible with every version upgrade. This is one of the best features of the platform, ensuring the consistency of performance and cutting the amount of time your IT department would have to spend on day-to-day support.

Brand Strength

Apple’s brand strength demonstrates that your organization invests in the best tools and technology to ensure better processes and customer service. This can help you build customer loyalty, particularly among users of Apple products.

When it comes to your employees, providing them with the best tools to be more effective and productive in their roles is a strong motivator. People are inspired to deliver their best when they have the freedom to work in the manner they choose, with the tools they want. Apple makes it easy for organizations to empower their employees with their preferred work tools, while simplifying IT management, ensuring privacy and security, and maintaining company standards.

The Bottom Line

Apple stands out when considering the best digital tools and technologies to help create new business models, increase the efficiency of organizational processes, and gain a competitive edge. Apple products are great for boosting workplace innovation, collaboration, and productivity because of their robust security features, outstanding industry apps, and ease of deployment.

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