Android VS. iOS: Which One to Choose for Mobile App Development in 2022

Are you looking for a mobile app development company? It isn’t exactly a hard task to find a development company to develop a mobile application for you.  In fact, there are more app developers in the market today, than ever. But the hard part is choosing which platform you want to create an app on.

You see, there are two main platforms that rule the world of mobile application development. These are namely: iOS and Android. These are the two big players in the market and the rivalry between them is legendary.

But everyone knows that. Here, we shall be looking at which of these app development platforms is a good option for app development in the year of 2022.

Which Mobile App Development Company You Should Hire: iOS vs Andriod

iOS vs Android is one of the biggest rivalries of the mobile world. Google-owned android and Apple-owned iOS have been the two sole rulers of the mobile world. This competition has proven to be healthy as it has resulted in quite rapid growth in both of these platforms. While android has its own advantages, so does iOS, and they have their disadvantages too.

But which one is right for you? Well, in order to find that out, you need to under the advantages and disadvantages of these platforms. Therefore, we shall be discussing the same term by term. Starting with android:

Android Mobile Development

It is clear that android has the most numbers with a majorty of mobile companies equipping their mobile phones with android, except one of course. This is also the reason why there are so many options when you are looking to hire android app developers.

Nevertheless, android has its own disadvantages too.

The Android App Development Company   


Flexible. One of the main advantages that android offers is flexibility since it provides a development environment with less restriction when compared to iOS. In addition to that, the android application can run on any given android device adding to the same. So, all in all, the development process concerning the android application is quite flexible.

Learning Curve: when compared to other development platforms like iOS, it is easier to learn android. The reason is that Google the owner of the platform goes out of its way to provide resources through which beginners can learn to operate on the OS.

Deploying: Google offers one of the easiest methods of app deployment. And with the recent change of policy in the year 2020, it has become even more simple for android app development companies to publish an app there. 


Quality standard: one of the main problems associated with android app development is that of fragmentation. While some might argue that it allows developers to create multiple apps at the same time, it also complicated the process to another level.

Cost. Opposite of what people might generally think, the android application is costlier to create than iOS ones. The main reason is that it takes longer, and in the world of business more time always equals to more money.

User Engagement. It is noticed that android users are more attracted to free applications and spend less to no making in-app purchases.

Security issues. Android is an open-source platform which makes it more prone to cyberattacks. When compared to iOS which isn’t open-source, android is considerably less secure.

iOS apps Development

While android does surpass Apple’s iOS in many areas, it doesn’t mean it is any less good. In fact, despite having fewer numbers in the market, it is seen that iOS has a huge presence. Apart from this iOS, in general, offers many benefits to users as well as developers. This is what makes the iOS app development serviceso popular among clients.     

But nothing under the sky is perfect, and everything has its own disadvantages. So, let’s look at what are the pros and cons of the same.


Performance. iOS is a platform that never compromises when it comes to performance. And this can also be seen in the application that is developed for this platform. iOS apps are as fast, reliable, and easy to use.

Apple ecosystem. Apple ecosystem is a point that can be viewed as an advantage or a disadvantage. However, from a technical point of you, it’s the best thing a company can do for their customers. Apple ecosystem allows seamless connection between different Apple devices.

Aesthetic UI/UX. iOS developers get a lot of guidance from apple when it comes to creating the user interface. The reason is that iOS is a platform that captures its users with aesthetically pleasing UI/UX, and its apps are no exception


Customization. Since apple is so firm about its style customization becomes a lot harder in this application. One of the reasons why it can be a pain to hire iPhone app developers.

Rigid environment. When compared to android, the iOS development environment is a lot more regulated and restrictive.

App release. App store of iOS can be more demanding than its android counterpart. While you make sure your app doesn’t break any rules, that might not be good enough for it to be selected.

iOS vs. Android

There is a lot of mobile app development company that offers iOS app development servicesas well as android. Despite looking at all the details we did in the previous section, it can still be confusing. Nevertheless, to put an end to the debate and help you decide which of these services to hire, let’s compare them head to head:


Android is open-source, and iOS is not. This is enough to tell you about the freedom developers get on either platform. So, android is the winner here.


Revenue is a big thing. But when you compare Android and iOS in terms of revenue, Apple’s operating system is the one that takes the lead. In recent years, iOS has had higher average revenue in the application department.

Budget and Deadlines

Again iOS takes the clear spot when it comes to development cost and development time. The reason is that iOS is easier to develop there is less fragmentation and has its own native development language named swift. On the other hand, android developers use java and java developers are expensive, to say the least.

Post-Release maintenance

More than 50% of android devices are running on outdated versions of the OS. This causes crashes and other problems, which means a lot of post-release maintenance work. On the other hand, Apple’s iOS is highly regulated and most of the devices are up to date.


Apple’s App Store has more restrictions when it comes to application deployment. And Android Play Store is amazingly smooth which allows simple and easy application deployment.

The Bottom Line

This was the full comparison between iOS and android application development. Only you can decide which one is best for you and then choose an app development company to meet your needs.

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Tarun Nagar

Tarun Nagar

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