Apple Card – Frequently Asked Questions

The wait is finally over! The Apple Card is now available to the general public and we have answers to some of the most common questions.

What is the Apple Card?

Announced on March 25, 2019, the Apple Card is an Apple branded MasterCard issued in partnership with Goldman Sacks.

How is the Apple Card different from other credit cards?

The Apple Card lives inside the Wallet app on your iPhone.  The application process takes just a few minutes and approval occurs almost instantly.  Once approved, you can begin using your Apple Card immediately, anywhere MasterCard and Apple Pay is accepted.  You can also use Apple Card for on-line purchases by entering the credit card details into a web site.  In addition, the Apple Card does not charge and annual fee, late fees, over limit fees or international transaction fees.

How do I apply for the Apple Card?

What if I want to make a purchase that doesn’t accept Apple Pay?

About 7 – 10 days after your application is approved, you will receive a physical credit card that can be used for any purchase. The physical card is made from titanium.  The front of the card has the Apple logo, the cardholder’s name and a security chip.  The back of the card has a magnetic strip for older card readers.  There is no card number, expiration date or security code on the card.


If there are no numbers on the card, how do I make an online purchase?

To make an on-line purchase or for any other time you need to provide the card information, just it up on your phone.

How do I activate my Apple Pay Card?

The Apple Card in the Wallet app gets activated as part of the application and acceptance process and is available for use immediately.  The titanium card comes in a special envelop that contains an NFC chip.  For iPhone XS and iPhone XR, the chip ties the physical card to the information in you iPhone and activates the card.

For iPhone X and older models, the process is illustrated in this video.

If you don’t have the envelop or it got damaged, there is an alternative activation process for the physical card using the Wallet app.

Does Apple offer a rewards program?

Rather than a complicated points system, the Apple Card offers Daily Cash.  The Apple Card will pay you 3 percent cash back on Apple Store purchases and iTunes downloads, and 2 percent cash back on all other purchases made using Apple Pay. When you use the physical Apple Card, you will receive 1 percent cash back.  As the name implies, Apple with post your cash back to your Apple Pay Cash card daily.  You can use that cash for other Apple Pay Cash transactions or transfer the cash to your linked bank account.

When will I receive my statement?

You won’t receive a monthly statement in the mail.  Instead, your statement will be available through the Wallet app.  If you need a hard copy of the statement, you can create a pdf from the app.

How do I pay my bill?

When you are approved for the Apple Card, you will be asked to link the card to your bank account.  You pay your monthly bill directly from the Wallet app.  If you prefer, you can make a payment from your Apple Pay Cash card, but you’ll need to make sure you have enough funds on the card to cover the payment.

Do I have to pay my balance in full each month?

Like most credit cards, you can pay your balance in full, make the required minimum payment, or any amount in between.  Apple makes it easy to adjust the amount of your payment so you can manage your balance.

My friend has an Apple card in his wallet that has lots of colors on it, mine is white.  Are there different types of Apple Cards?

All Apple Cards are the same. When you first activate the Apple card in your Wallet it is pure white.  Apple categorizes purchases into categories, with each category having a different color. As you make purchases, the Apple Card in your Wallet app will take on the category colors of those purchases.  The colors will continue to change as your spending habits move between different categories.

What if I need help with an issue?

Don’t worry, Apple has you covered.  Like most things about the Apple Card, Help lives within your Apple Card in the Wallet app.  From there you can visit the Apple Card Support web site, call them or send a text message.  Support is available 24/7.

I’m an Android user.  Can I still get an Apple Card?

Sorry, the Apple Card requires the Wallet app to work.  Currently, there is no way to apply for the Apple Card without it.  But hey, there’s a lot more to iPhone than the Apple Card, so we think you should get an iPhone anyway.

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