Apple Introduced ProRes and ProRAW to iCloud for the Windows Users — Revealed

Apple initially launched iCloud on October 12, 2011. iPhone 4s was the first iOS product to get iCloud support. Over the years, Apple has made significant improvements in the iCloud services. This software currently works on the latest Windows systems along with the iPhone. Apple keeps on updating iCloud to improve the user experience. Recently, Apple added the ProRes video format and ProRAW photo format in iCloud.

Windows 10 users can access the iCloud content without any hassle with this facility. Moreover, the individuals who have shared the images can limit the shared access. You can even let other participants add their images in the latest version of iCloud. Besides, the users can remove the people from the list with whom they don’t want to share the files.

But, to avail these benefits, you must update the iCloud for Windows app first. Or else, you might face issues while accessing the iCloud files from Windows. Additionally, the older version of Windows users can’t use iCloud on their devices. To access the iCloud contacts or other folders, one must update their Windows OS.

Why Did Apple Add ProRAW Formats in iCloud for Windows App?

Apple introduced the ProRAW photo format first in the iPhone 12 series. The only aim of the developers was to improve the camera technology with this format. Moreover, the ProRAW format provides iPhone users with a crystal clear picture quality.

Earlier in the JPEG format, the picture quality faded while zooming it in. Apple has resolved this issue by adding ProRAW photo format in iCloud. But, this file format wasn’t supported in the Windows PC or laptop before.

But, now you can transfer the pictures with ProRAW format on the Windows devices in minutes. Make sure to enable the iCloud photo feature on the Windows PC. After that, the new iCloud for Windows tool will sync the photos across systems. But, many users have reported that they have faced issues while sending the ProRAW photos.

Some claim that they cannot find the ProRAW images in the iCloud for Windows app. So, if you are also unable to transfer the Apple files, contact an iPhone repair service expert.

Why Did Apple Debut ProRes Format in iCloud for Windows App?

Apple has included the ProRes format in the iPhone 13 series to elevate users’ expectations. With this video format, you can shoot high-quality videos from the iPhone. But, this video format is limited to iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.

If you use iPhone 12 or earlier versions, you won’t find this video format there. With ProRes, Apple emphasised adding more data while filming videos. Moreover, it allows the users to edit the videos from different editing software.

Earlier, the ProRes format used to work only in the iPhone’s iCloud app. But now, this video format is compatible with Windows PCs and laptops. Additionally, iPhone users can share and watch the videos later without resolution issues. But for that, you should set iCloud as the default app in Windows. And, from there, you can access the ProRes formatted videos from iCloud Drive as well.

Setup the iCloud for Windows First!

Without setting up the iCloud app, you can’t access the ProRes or ProRAW file. Moreover, for installing a corrupted version of iCloud, you can’t access its latest features. Go to the Microsoft Store, and then navigate to its search bar. And, from there, write “iCloud for Windows” and hit the “Enter” button after that. Before downloading iCloud on a Windows device, you should check the internet connection. Or else the installation process might get interrupted for connectivity issues.

iCloud takes approximately 25-30 minutes to get installed on Windows devices. After that, you need to sign in to the iCloud account by entering the right credentials. But, if you don’t have an Apple ID, create one using the Apple device. Then, enter the provided ID and password in iCloud from the Windows PC. You need to enter the same Apple ID and password that are used on the iPhone. After that, choose the iCloud service that you are looking for.

You need to click on the “iCloud for Windows” option to create new folders. Further, make sure to choose “Apply” once you add ProRes or ProRAW files in iCloud. To locate these iCloud files on the Windows device, move to the File Explorer folder from the taskbar and click on it. From there, the Windows 10 or 11 users can find the iCloud contents.

How to Enable ProRes and ProRAW Mode on an iPhone?

If you want to record videos in ProRes mode, make sure to turn it on. On an iPhone 13, head to the device settings and then look for the “Camera” app. Once you find that, tap on it and move to the “Formats” section.

After that, select the “Video Capture” option and toggle on “Apple ProRes”. And, then go to the “Photo Capture” section and turn on “Apple ProRAW”. Make sure to tick the “High Efficiency” option from the “Formats” section. You can select the “Most Compatible” option while clicking pictures in ProRAW mode. It helps iPhone users to capture top-notch pictures.

How Much Storage Capacity does an iPhone User need to use ProRes Mode?

iPhone 13’s ProRes feature can record videos in two formats – HDR and SDR. Choose the selected recording format while using this camera mode. Additionally, ProRes can work on different resolutions and frame rates. But, this frame or frame rate might vary based on the iPhone’s storage capacity.

If you have 256GB or more, ProRes can record 4K videos at 30fps. You can also choose to record 4K videos at 24 and 25 frame rates. Moreover, with such storage capacity, the users can record 1080p HP videos at 60, 30 and 25 fps. Do you have at least 128 GB of space in the iPhone? Then, you can opt for recording 1080p HD videos at either 30 or 25 fps.

If you have low space on the iPhone, ProRes mode might not work. Make sure to remove the unedited files from the device to speed up the recording process. Moreover, the camera app removes the duplicate file copies when ProRes is enabled. Within five minutes, the iPhone camera will be ready for recording.

Apple ProRAW — How to Use it?

iPhone 12 Pro or Max’s ProRAW files are larger compared to HEIF files. Thus, if you want to save the images in this format, make sure to have sufficient space in the device. Additionally, iPhone users can purchase an iCloud storage plan to optimize iPhone space.

The ProRAW mode saves files in the DNG file format. Thus, you can only edit them in the apps which support that format. But, make sure that the editing application is compatible with the iOS 14.3 or later. You can share the edited and unedited ProRAW files in those apps directly. iPhone users can even send the .dng files in iOS apps, like AirDrop or iMessage.

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