Apple Launches watchOS 7.2 With New Health and Fitness Features

The recently launched Apple’s watchOS 7.2 has become the talk of the town other than its latest mobiles, ever since it became public. The watch gained popularity for its new fitness subscription service, which can be accessed through the fitness app, iPhone, iPad, or Apple tv. Moreover, the watch also includes new cardiovascular notifications. Apple Fitness+ requires an Apple watch to function and watch OS 7.2 facilitates this service well. The trainer-led workout sessions can be watched along with the metrics and your progress, and this latest watch will record that.

The service runs for $9.99 per month, which makes it $79.99 per year. You can also subscribe to the premium version for $29.95 per month, which also will include Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, 2TB of iCloud storage, Apple News Plus, and Apple Arcade. Workout sessions are significant leverage for the Apple watches, and that is what makes sense about Apple, including a cardiovascular feature in its watchOS 7.2:

How Does its Cardiorespiratory Feature Works?

The cardiorespiratory feature uses the VO2 max levels to determine how much oxygen your body uses during your workout. Earlier, Apple watches used to measure VO2 levels but only from average to higher levels, i.e., during outdoor walks, hiking, or running. Now the Apple Watch will be able to measure low cardio fitness levels whenever you will walk, not necessarily only the vigorous workouts only. Users who will have low reading will get health alert for improving their fitness level.

In the press release that came out recently, the company briefed:

“With iOS 14.3 and watch OS 7.2, Apple Watch users can view their cardio fitness level in the Health app on iPhone and receive a notification on Apple Watch if it falls within the low range. Breakthrough technology released in watch OS 7 allows Apple Watch to measure low cardio fitness easily, and today cardio fitness notifications empower users to be more active for dramatic long-term health benefits”.

The Apple Watch will let you track your cardio fitness. All you need is to go to the ‘cardio fitness’ category in your iPhone’s health app to check their cardio fitness level. Your data can be saved up for days, weeks, or even years, which will make it easier to track the changes. Moreover, your data will be compared with that of others of the same age group and sex to check out for life threats.

Moreover, watchOS 7.2 allows you to enable notification. This will help you get notified about low-cardio fitness levels and irregular rhythms of heart that might indicate atrial fibrillation. However, this feature will only be available in specific regions; you can check it includes yours or not.

Apple Watch Running App

How can you update to Apple Watch to OS 7.2?

You can update to watchOS 7.2 in three simple steps:

  • Open the watch app through your iPhone
  • Go to ‘General’
  • Then tap on the ‘software update option.’

Why do you need to update to watchOS 7.2?

Apple never fails to inspire us with its unique features and innovative applications, and this is what has raised us to the highest level in the world of technology. Moreover, this update in Apple’s watch will be a promising one, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. Your fitness has to be your priority, and to get timely notified is the reason that is adding to the popularity of watchOS 7.2. It indeed a step forward towards a happier and healthier future. Update your watch now!

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