Apple Real Estate Apps to Watch Out For

In 2021, approximately 97% of buyers used the Internet to look for a home, and 51% of buyers actually found homes that they purchased on the Internet. While agents have a unique ability to offer their experience and advice (especially in their zones of specialty), websites and apps can help buyers narrow down the list of homes they may be interested in. Apps can also help agents understand aspects such as size, location, and other aspects their clients are looking for. Below are just a few handy Apple apps that can serve as a conduit between buyers, sellers, and agents.

Zillow: Offering Access to Over 135 Million Homes

Imagine looking for the home of your dreams and having 135 million properties to choose from, all listed in one handy database. Approximately 67% of homes in the US have been viewed on Zillow, regardless of their market status. This app helps you view homes in a specific area, invites you to open house events, and helps you understand the complexities of different mortgages. Zillow also presents various agents that work in the areas and home types you are considering. It highlights the strengths of different realtors and includes customer reviews of agents. Access to this information makes for a more ethical, efficient marketplace. Buyers and sellers alike should ensure the agent they are working with has a professional reputation; one that is characterized by trustworthiness, honesty, and a solid work ethic.

 Xome Auctions

If you are interested in bidding for a home or selling your home in an auction, check out Xome Auctions. Like Zillow and other reputable apps, it contains property images and locations, additionally stating whether properties are financeable, or if they require a cash payment. Xome actually lists pre-auction properties and sends users alerts when bids of interest arise. It also enables you to sign contracts within the app itself.

Trulia: The Value-Centered App

If you are keen on buying a home in an area with good schools, shopping centers, or neighborly services, then Trulia is definitely worth consulting. It provides vital local information on all these matters and sends you notifications when new homes pop up in your area of interest. The app offers pre-qualified financing and calculators. It also enables you to personalize your searches by drawing on a map. Trulia goes beyond home sales, also featuring apartments for rent and information on trends and markets.

Apartments.Com: The Place to Rent Your Home

There are around 1.1 millions rentals listed on, known as one of the most ideal apps for renters. Choose from villas, townhouses, condos, or studios. You can apply directly to the landlord of an apartment you’re eyeing. You can also avail yourself of a host of filters to see if a place you are interested in has equipment such as dishwashers, clothes washing machines, and similar.

The Bottom Line

The Internet is used by a majority of people looking to buy, sell, lease, or rent a home. Top apps to watch out for include Zillow, Xome Auctions, and Trulia. For renters, a food place to start is with Apartments.Com.

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