Aukey 20000mAh Power Bank with USB-C & Lightning Input

We have looked at several power banks in the past (read some of our reviews here), and with each one it seems the available power continues to increase.  That latest entry is the 20000mAh Power Bank from Aukey.

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Aukey 20000mAh Power Bank with USB-C & Lightning Input – Unboxing

As we have come to expect, the Aukey 20000mAh Power Bank with USB-C & Lightning Input (Model # PB-Y14) arrived in the usual plain brown box that is used for all Aukey products.  Inside is the Aukey 20000mAh Power Bank with USB-C & Lightning Input, a short USB-C to USB-A cord for charging, a multi-language User Guide and the familiar Aukey Customer Satisfaction and warranty card.

Aukey PB-Y14 Unboxing

Aukey 20000mAh Power Bank with USB-C & Lightning Input – Specifications

As the name implies, the PB-Y14 houses a 20,000mAh /74Wh Lithium Polymer battery. It supports USB Power Delivery 2.0, Qualcomm® Quick Charge ™ 3.0 and Adaptive Charging.

It contains enough ports to charge almost any combination of gadgets you can imagine.  Like other Aukey power banks, the PB-Y14 has built-in safeguards to protect against excessive currents, overheating and overcharging.

With 20,000mAh you can charge an iPhone 8 over 7 times, an iPhone Xs 5 times and a 9.7” iPad Pro 1.5 times.

Aukey PB-Y14 Ports

Along the top edge of the PB-Y14 are three USB-A ports, one USB-C port and a Lightning port.  On the left side is a micro-USB port and on the right side are four LEDs to how the remaining charge available and a button that you push to activate the LED read-out.

The first USB-A port (in orange), supports Quick Charge 3.0 and is  rated at 5V – 6V 3A, 6V – 9V 2A and 9V – 12V at 1.5A. The other two USB-A ports provide Adaptive Charging and provide 5V 2.4A Max.   The USB-C port supports Power Delivery 2.0 and is rated at 5V 3A, 9V 2A and 12V 1.5A output and 5V 2A and 9V 2A input.  The Lightning port also supports Power Delivery 2.0 at 5V 1.5A and 9V 2A input. The Micro-USB is rated at 5V 2A input.

Aukey says the total charging time of the PB-Y14 is about 10 hours. Our PB-Y14 arrived about 50% charged.  We used our AUKEY USB C Charger with 18W Power Delivery 3.0 (read our review here), and our Aukey USB-C to USB-C cable (read our review here)to top off the unit and we reached 100% in about two-hours.

The PB-Y14 is one of the largest power banks we have seen.  Of course, it is also one of the most powerful with its 20,000mAh battery.

The Aukey 20000mAh Power Bank with USB-C & Lightning Input measures 7.76” long x 3.78” wide x 0.55” thick (197mm x 96mm x 14mm) and weighs 15.34oz (435g).  The design is very similar to today’s larger format cell phones.  Anyone using an iPhone Xs Max, would probably find the PB-Y14 a comfortable size.  We like the format and actually found it easier to handle than some of the smaller capacity power banks that are shorter but much thicker.

We also found it much easier to fit the PB-Y14 into a variety of backpacks since the thinner format produced less of a bulge in an otherwise already over-stuffed inner pocket.  Men may find it awkward if all they have is a jacket pocket, but women should have no trouble carrying this in their purse.

Aukey 20000mAh Power Bank with USB-C & Lightning Input – Test Results

With a USB-C and three USB-A ports, we had no trouble charging multiple devices at one time.  We easily charges two iPhone Xs with plenty of power to spare.  Knowing that we can get multiple charges out of one battery pack charge, we felt confident that we no longer needed to take multiple battery packs with us to support multiple people needing to charge their devices.

We have seen mixed reports from people trying to use the PB-Y14 to charge their MacBook.  Some said it works well while others complained that the PB-Y14 didn’t charge it at all.

We connected our 2017 13” MacBook Pro to the PB-Y14 and it not only charged it, but the charge level continued to increase while using the MacBook Pro while connected to the power bank.

The thin design worked well when carrying the PB-Y14 in a variety of backpack styles.  In a more traditional backpack, we were able to store the PB-Y14 in the same compartment as our MacBook Pro adding little bulk to the interior compartment.

In a smaller backpack with an option to connect a power bank to a changing cable that provides a charging option from the exterior of the backpack, the PB-Y14 fit nicely in a pocket intending to hold the power bank and left plenty of room for other accessories.

Like any portable power bank, the PB-Y14 gets a little warm while charging other devices but never to the point we became concerned by the exterior temperature.

A couple of warnings.  The PB-Y14 is not intended to charge a device while it is being charged.  Also, do not use the USB-C and Micro-USB ports to charge the PB-Y14 at the same time.

The Bottom Line

With people carrying more and more portable devices with them, it’s important to have extra power available to you at all times.  We also have had more than a few situations where someone will ask to borrow your power bank whether in a business meeting or at your local coffee shop.

With the Aukey 20000mAh Power Bank with USB-C & Lightning Input, you can safely lend them your PB-Y14 and know that there will still be plenty of power left for you, when they are done.Like all Aukey products, the PB-Y14 comes with a 24-Month warranty and is available on the AYKEY web site.

We would like to thank the folks at Aukey for providing us with a Aukey 20000mAh Power Bank with USB-C & Lightning Input for testing and review.

What is your favorite power bank for power on the go?  Why not join the conversation and leave a comment below.

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