Baibu Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack

One of the things people love about their laptops, is the ability to take it with them, where ever they go. While one of the most popular modes of transportation is to put your laptop in a backpack, finding the right backpack can be difficult.  For a great option, check out the Baibu Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack.

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A survey by the tech research firm Gartner estimates that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds.  Many of those thefts occur in public transportation centers, airports, restaurants and hotels. It’s more important than ever to protect your laptop when you are out in public and as we have discovered, not all backpacks are the same when it comes to protecting your precious tech gear.

We have used, what we’ll call, a typical backpack to transport our MacBook Pro for years.  We purchased it in a camping supply store.  Like most backpacks sold today, it had an interior pocket to slip a laptop into with a clasp at the top to keep the laptop secure.  Beyond that, it had the usual pockets for things like a water bottle, an extra compartment to hold other gear and which we usually used for things like an umbrella, pens, a journal, and maybe an extra shirt in the event of lost luggage.  Like most backpacks, all the zippers were easily accessible even when the backpack was being worn.

It never occurred to us that in many over-crowded situation, like when waiting in line to board a plane, or packed in a New York City subway car, someone could have easily unzipped any of the compartments and easily removed the contents, including our MacBook Pro.  Thinking back on all the situations we have been in, we consider ourselves pretty lucky.

Apple Tech Talk Scorecard

Quality ConstructionSide pocket too small for iPhone Xs
Water-resistant exterior
Anti-theft design protects contents

Baibu Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack – Unboxing

The Baibu backpack arrived in a plain cardboard shipping box but was also enclosed in a heavy plastic bag with a slide closure.  Considering that we have never seen a backpack come in any kind of packaging, we thought this was a nice touch.

Baibu Backpack - Exterior

Out of the bag, the Baibu Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack has a water-resistant back panel.  We can’t tell if it is a thin rubber or a thick vinyl, but it has a nice feel to it, and nicely complements the gray cut resistant fabric on the top, bottom and sides. There is also a fabric handle at the top of the pack for each carrying.

The backpack measures 19.29” high x 12.60” wide x 7.87” deep (49cm x 32cm x 20cm).

Baibu Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack – Exterior Overview

There are no visible zippers facing the front, although there are two small side compartments. But even those zippers are facing your back when wearing the pack.

Baibu Backpack - Padding

The back side of the backpack, (the side that would be against your back when worn), is the real business end of this backpack.

First, it has two large padded areas that align around the shoulder blades. Even when fully loaded with a 13” MacBook Pro, and a variety of other contents, we found it very comfortable to carry.

At the bottom of the pack is another padded section but this one is also a zippered compartment.  We were able to put a current iPad Mini in the compartment and while it was a tight fit, we did get the zipper closed.  A Kindle Paper White was a much better fit with a little room to spare.

The inside edge of the straps are covered in the same padded material while the outside of the straps match the same cut resistant fabric on the rest of the pack.

Baibu Backpack - Zippers

At the top of the back panel is a small fabric loop that can be used to hang the pack from a coat hook, if needed, as well as a heavy-duty double zipper that goes all the way to the bottom of the backpack to open the main compartment.  With the zippers closed to meet at the top of the pack, it would be almost impossible for someone to unzip it while it is being worn, hence, the anti-theft design.

Baibu Backpack - USB Port

Also, on the outside of the backpack is a USB-A port that is connected to a cable on the inside of the backpack so you can charge an iPhone, iPad or even your laptop, depending on the power pack you are using, without the need to open your backpack or carry the charger with you.  The USB port is encased in a heavy plastic which should protect it from the occasional knocks when you travel.

We also like the fact that the Baibu Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack holds its shape regardless of the amount of contents.

We have seen many people wearing a backpack that is obviously almost empty.  It sags down the wearer’s back and from personal experience, becomes difficult to get on and off because it is so unstable.

The Baibu Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack holds its shape, even if completely empty, which not only makes it easier to handle but also looks much nicer.

Baibu Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack – Interior Overview

Unlike most of the backpacks we have used in the past, the interior of the Baibu Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack doesn’t have a lot of different compartments that are separate from the others.  Other than a dedicated area for your laptop, the interior is one big open space with a few pockets to carry accessory items.

On the front panel (the surface that faces away from you when wearing the backpack, there is a large zippered pocket.  Below that is one smaller pocket that is open at the top and some slots to hold pens.  At the bottom is a large open pocket.  There are a variety of things you could store in any of these pockets, but the bottom pocket seems like a perfect spot to put your portable battery back, since the cable connecting to the external USB port fits there perfectly.

We used our Aukey 20000mAh Power Pack (read our review here), as a test and it fit nicely in the pocket.

Along the back panel (the surface that is against your back when wearing the pack, there is a large pocket for your laptop.  Our 13” MacBook Pro easily fit into the pocket with room to spare.  We probably could have also fit another smaller item, like an iPad mini, with the laptop.

The Baibu Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack is rated for up to a 15.6” laptop.  While we did not have a 15” MacBook Pro to test it, we are judging by the way our 13” fit, that the 15” would also fit, although one edge may protrude from the top of the pocket a little.  Even so, there is ample room for that without a concern of whether the backpack will zip closed.

Below the main pocket is another smaller pocket which would be a perfect place to put an iPad or other accessories.

Even with all the pockets filled, there is still plenty of room for work items, books, a toiletry bag and perhaps an extra shirt or two.

Those two pockets are held closed by a large fabric strap that is held in place by a Velcro pad.  Given the design of the backpack, we’re not sure you even need the strap, but it does add an extra layer of protection to make sure your most valuable contents are secure.

There is a small Velcro panel on each side that acts as a restraint to the back panel only opens part way.  We like that it can easily be detached to allow easy access for loading and unload the pack, and then easily reset to keep the back panel attached.

We’re not a fan of the lime green nylon material that lines the inside of the pack, but it does make it easy to see what you put inside.

The Bottom Line

For years, we have used an ordinary camping style to carry our laptop while traveling.  While it served its purpose, we never really felt it was the best solution.  Having now used the Baibu Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack, we can see that there is a better way.

We love the shape of the backpack whether empty or full and the external USB port has been a great resource when we have needed to charge our phone while waiting to board a plane.  We even let a traveling companion top off their phone without fear that one of us would leave the power pack behind somewhere.

The water-resistant back panel is a nice feature, since you never know what the weather will be like while waiting for your Uber to arrive.

hile there are no real compartments on the interior, the pockets provide ample options to store additional items and the large open interior compartment can hold more than you may think.Overall, we think the Baibu Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack is a great accessory for any road warrior that wants a lightweight backpack that provides plenty of protection and is sure to make your travel easier.The Baibu Anti-Theft Water-Resistant backpack is available in a variety of colors and is available on the web site here.

We would like to thank for providing the Baibu Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack for our testing and review. is a global e-commerce company, serving over 200 countries, from their network of 37 warehouses around the world.  You can learn more about and check out their wide variety of products at

What are your favorite features in a backpack when traveling with your Mac?  Why not join the conversation and leave a comment below?

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