HOMIEE 13-13.3 Inch PU Leather Felt Laptop Sleeve

We recently introduced you to the Baibu Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack (read our review here), which is great for the road warrior that has lots to carry. But there are times when you don’t want or need a large backpack and only need to carry your laptop, some papers and a couple of accessories.  If that’s you, check out the HOMIEE 13-13.3 Inch PU Leather Felt Laptop Sleeve.

Homiee 13 MacBook Laptop Sleeve

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HOMIEE 13-13.3 Inch PU Leather Felt Laptop Sleeve – Unboxing

There is no shortage of laptop sleeves available and they come in a wide variety of materials so, we were a little skeptical when we saw that this laptop sleeve was made of felt since we expected it was little more than a fabric cover.

We were pleasantly surprised when we unpacked it to find this is not only a well make item, but has the look and feel worth of even the most important presentations.

In the box was the HOMIEE 13-13.3 Inch PU Leather Felt Laptop Sleeve, and the matching felt accessory pouch.

Both the laptop sleeve and the pouch are made of a soft gray felt. The sleeve has a dark blue PU leather flap at the top, and a matching PU leather strip across the bottom of the sleeve.  All of the PU leather trim is grained to resist finger prints.  Although HOMIEE calls it dark blue, we thought it was a dark gray.  In either case, it was a nice addition to the style of the sleeve and give a very professional look.

On the back side of the sleeve are two pockets.  They are not gusseted so they cannot hold bulky items, but we had no trouble slipping in our iPhone XS and an iPad Mini and even had enough room to include a charging cord if needed.  And while it did extend a bit from the edge of the pocket, the pocket accommodated our Aukey 20000mAh power bank (read or review here).

Homiee 13 MacBook Laptop Sleeve Back Pockets

The pouch does not have any PU leather accents but does include an elastic cord that is secured to the front flap for easy access and closure.  Both the sleeve and the pouch display the HOMIEE name on a small tag on the side.

The sleeve measures 14.6” wide by 10.8” high (37cm x 27.5cm), and the pouch is 6.7” wide by 5.1” high (17cm x 13cm).  The flap on the laptop sleeve is held closed by two round magnets mounted in the inside edge of the flap with a corresponding closure built into the front body of the sleeve.

Homiee Sleeve Measurements

HOMIEE 13-13.3 Inch PU Leather Felt Laptop Sleeve – Test Results

When selecting any laptop sleeve, the most important feature is to ensure your laptop fits.  To small, and it’s totally useless.  To big and you may find that your laptop moves around in the sleeve and you do not get the protection you need.

Homiee MacBook Fit

We found that our 13” MacBook Pro fit comfortably into the sleeve with just enough extra room to include a file folder or two, as long as they didn’t have too much in them.  The HOMIEE 13-13.3 Inch PU Leather Felt Laptop Sleeve is also a great choice for the 2017 or 2018 MacBook Air.

While we couldn’t test it, we would also expect the that a MacBook would also be a good fit.

The pouch easily held the Apple USB-C charger that came with our MacBook Pro with room to spare for a USB-C charging cord and a lightning cable.

Our Bolt USB-C cable (read our review here), in its own carry case also fit in the pouch but the case took up too much room, and really wasn’t needed so we would opt to just take the cord in the pouch by itself.

In addition to the light gray with dark blue PU leather accents, the HOMIEE 13-13.3 Inch PU Leather Felt Laptop Sleeve also comes in a dark gray felt with brown PU leather accents.

Homiee 13 MacBook Laptop Sleeve Brown

To give you a better idea of the versatility of the HOMIEE 13-13.3 Inch PU Leather Felt Laptop Sleeve and pouch, here is a short video provided by HOMIEE.

The Bottom Line

It is fair to say that there is a laptop sleeve designed to meet anyone’s specific needs and they range in price from a few dollars to some, that cost almost a s much as the laptop they were designed to protect.  Many of the less expense sleeves we have seen are made of neoprene, which does little more than act as a cover for the laptop.  Those are great if that is all you need but many people need something with a little more protection, or, because of where they take their laptop, need something that looks a little more professional.

We think the HOMIEE 13-13.3 Inch PU Leather Felt Laptop Sleeve is a perfect blend of good looks, protection and price.  The PU leather accents are a nice touch to what otherwise, might be a very plain laptop sleeve.  The magnetic closure was easy to use and secure.  We did not have any issues with the large front flap staying closed.

The included accessory pouch is a nice addition, and while you probable want to carry that in a briefcase or backpack, the complementary felt material makes it a nice accent piece.  We were actually surprised to find that it cost much less than we expected, given its quality and looks.

The HOMIEE 13-13.3 Inch PU Leather Felt Laptop Sleeve is very reasonable priced at just $17.99 and is available from Amazon.

If you have a large laptop, like the 15” MacBook Pro, the same HOMIEE felt sleeve and matching accessory pouch is available in a larger size for just $18.39.

If the style of the HOMIEE 13-13.3 Inch PU Leather Felt Laptop Sleeve is not quite what you are looking for, or you need a larger laptop bag, check out some of the other HOMIEE laptop styles below.

We would like to thank the folks at HOMIEE for providing the HOMIEE 13-13.3 Inch PU Leather Felt Laptop Sleeve and accessory pouch for our testing and review.

How do you like to transport your portable Mac?  Do you use a sleeve and if so, what’s your favorite features?  Why cot joint the conversation and add a comment below?

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