Caseology Skyfall Case for iPhone 7

We previously looked at several Moshi iPhone 7 cases (read our review here) with options for almost any taste.  But if none of those styles appeal to you, we suggest you check out the Caseology Skyfall case.

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Excellent color match Sometime difficult to remove
Two layer construction
Ample access to controls

Caseology Skyfall Case Evaluation

The first thing we noticed about the Caseology Skayfall case was its interesting dual layer design.Caseology Skyfall Case Layers

The Caseology Skyfall case has a clear back panel, made from a scratch resistant acrylic material.  This provides complete protection to the iPhone rear panel while still keeping the rear of the phone visible, including the Apple logo.

The outer edge of the acrylic back in a softer rubber that covers the sides and corners of the iPhone to provide bump protection.  It adds some slight dimension around the entire phone and is exposed around all four side of the front (more on that in a moment).

The switches for power and volume are fully covered by the clear rubber but they do not in any way interfere with the usability of the controls.

The cut-outs for the lightning connector and the mute switch are generous and we had no trouble getting our finger in the opening to move the switch from mute to ringer.  We also had no trouble connecting a variety of charging cables including the Paracable Lightning Cable (read our review here), which has a larger than usual Lightning connector.

Finally, the case is wrapped in a color matched polycarbonate shell which provides additional protection around the edges.  It comes down across the back panel of the phone and expands just enough to wrap around the camera opening, protecting the lens when the phone is resting on its back.

We were impressed by how well the Caseology Skyfall case matched the iPhone colors. While not a 100% match, Caseology did a nice job in matching the polycarbonate outer case to the iPhone itself.  Keep in mind that the case and the phone are made from very different materials so even the same color could look different.  In the case of the Caseology Skyfall case, the color was off a shade or two but made a nice compliment to the actual iPhone.  We have the Caseology Skyfall case in both the regular Gold and the Rose Gold and both have excellent color matching.

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Overall, the case adds minimal weight and thickness to the phone and we still had no trouble putting it in our pocket.

In spite of its sleek design and light weight, the Caseology Skyfall case provides the protection you need.

Caseology militarygrade

Caseology states:

“The Caseology Skyfall case meets the latest military standards [MIL STD 810G 516.7], passing 26 rigorous drop tests onto steel backed by concrete without any degradations, physical damage or functional anomalies.”

While we haven’t put our iPhone 7 to that level of testing, we can say that we have (accidently) dropped our iPhone on ceramic tile and concrete surfaces and both the iPhone and the Caseology Skyfall case, came through without a scratch.

Caseology Skyfall Case EdgesOur only complaint about the Caseology Skyfall case is that it is much easier to put on the iPhone than it is to remove it.

While we don’t have a need to remove it often, there are times when we want to use a different style case or to use the olloClip Lens set for taking Macro or wide-angle photos (look for our full review of the olloClip Lens in the near future.)

So far we have removed it by starting at the bottom edge of the case and working our way up towards the top.  But that concerned us since the bottom edge has the largest cut-outs and we are putting a fair amount of stress on that edge of the case.

We reached out to the support team at Caseology and this was their response.

“When it comes to removing our Skyfall Cases, we recommend pushing the phone out through the top first.  Starting off with placing both index fingers on the top corners and pushing the phone gently out with your thumbs placed on the back of the case.  Also, ensure that the rest of your fingers are wrapped around your phone, so it does not fall when you push it out. Once the top of the phone is released, you may gently take the phone out of the case.”

Caseology Skyfall Case – Let There Be Light

As we mentioned earlier, the acrylic and rubber inner shell wraps around the sides of the iPhone and forms a visible edge along the front of the phone. This raised edge is just enough to prevent the screen from coming in contact with a surface if it is layed face down.  We also noticed that the light emitted from the flash or when the flashlight is activated, is captured by the clear layer and shines through to the front of the phone.

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We don’t know if this was an intentional design by Caseology but we found this to be more than just a pretty effect.

When using the flashlight, the soft glow around the front (screen side) of the case is a nice reminder that the flashlight is on.  When using the camera, this provides positive feedback that the flash did fire when expected (or not), even in brightly lighted conditions.

The Bottom Line

Selecting a case for your iPhone is a very personal decision and there is, no doubt, more than one that will suit your needs.

We found the Caseology Skyfall case to be a great combination of protection without adding too much weight or size to your iPhone.  The Skyfall case is available for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, in addition to several older iPhone models.

Our Caseology Skyfall cases were a perfect match for the Gold and Rose Gold iPhone 7s we put them on.  They are also available in Silver, Matte Black and Jet Black.

If the Skyfall case is not exactly to your liking, you can check out the other Caseology styles on their web site.

The Caseology Skyfall case has an MSRP of $24.99 and is also available from Amazon.

What kind of case do you use on your iPhone?  Why not join the conversation and leave a Comment below.

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