EDIFIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds

We have previously looked at several EDIFIER wireless earbuds (read our reviews here), and have generally been very satisfied with the overall quality and performance. Today, we are looking at the EDIFIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds.

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EDIFIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds – Unboxing

EFIDIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds - Unboxing

The EDIFIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds comes packed in a substantial box the folds open to reveal  the EDIFIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds in their wireless charging case, sever earbud tips in various styles and an accessory pack.

EFIDIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds - Contents

Once everything is unpacked, you will find the two earbuds, the wireless charging case, a Quick Start Guide, a Warning document regarding using the earbuds too close to a pacemaker and, in the accessory pack, a USB charging cord, foam ear tips and plastic “wings” to help keep the earbuds in your ears.

EFIDIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds - Wireless Charging Case

The plastic wrapper for the charging case is clearly marked for the area that you use as the wireless charging. However, once you remove the wrapper, there is no indication that the case is capable of wireless charging.

On the bottom of the case is a USB-C port that can also be used to charge the case and the earbuds. We think it would have been wise to imprint some form of wireless charging indicator on the case itself.

Next to the USB-C port is a small LED that blinks whenever the case is opened. The number of blinks indicates the number of times the earbuds can be recharged. After a full charge, opening the case causes the LED to blink three times, meaning that the earbuds can be charged 3 times by the case.

The earbuds themselves each have an orange LED in the top. When in the case, the LED will pulse slowly to indicate they are charging. When the light goes off, they are fully charged.

Truth be told, we didn’t find the case LED indicator on our own since we charged the case wirelessly and never really paid attention to the bottom. It wasn’t until we found the User Manual on the Edifier web site that we learned about it. We think EDIFIER should make a reference to it in the included Quick Start Guide.

EDIFIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds – Set-up

On the rear of the case is a small button that is used to pair the earbuds to your iPhone or iPad. To pair the earbuds, you open the case and wait to see the orange LED on both earbuds. You then push the button and hold it until you see both LEDs flash rapidly. That is the indication that the earbuds are in pairing mode. Open the Bluetooth setting on your iPhone or iPad and you should see the EDIFIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds listed.

We found the pairing process to work very well although on our first attempt, we didn’t see the LED on the right earbud and as a result, only the left had paired. In checking the on-line User Manual we learned that sometimes, the TWS6 Wireless Earbuds can become unpaired from each other. Following their directions, we held the pairing button in for about 10-seconds until the LEDs on the two earbuds flashed rapidly. This time, they did both pair to our iPhone.

That said, the manual said that when both earbuds are paired to each other, the LEDs would turn blue but that did not happen. Instead, the orange LED appeared on both earbuds and the left and right earbuds appeared in our Bluetooth list separately so we wonder if they ever really did get paired to each other.

EDIFIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds – Features

The EDIFIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds are feature rich. First, a full charge provides 8-hours of playback time, with the ability to recharge the earbuds 3 times when the case is fully charged. That means you can get a full 32-hours of playback time from a single charge.

The controls are easy to use. A double tap of the right earbuds will pause or restart the music, while a double tap of the left ear earbud will launch Siri. To answer or end a phone call, you can double tap either earbud.

We also appreciate that the earbuds are clearly marked with “L” and “R” to help you keep them organized.

EDIFIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds are IPX5 rated which means you can feel confident if suddenly caught in the rain or dusty conditions. They are also the perfect workout companion as they resist sweat.

EDIFIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds – Test Results

EDIFIER uses the Knowles balanced armature drivers to deliver vivid sound. Here is how Knowles describes balanced armature drivers.

“Balanced armature drivers use an electronic signal to vibrate a tiny reed that is balanced between two magnets inside a tiny enclosure. The motion of the reed is transferred to a very stiff aluminum diaphragm. This diaphragm is free of unwanted resonances in the audio band, allowing it to produce excellent clarity.”

We would agree that the EDIFIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds produced crystal clear sound with a good balance of high and lows. We tend to not like the heavy base often found in many of today’s earbuds. The EDIFIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds provided a clean bass line while delivering crisp highs and vocals. There was plenty of volume with no distortion. In fact, we found ourselves reducing the volume during the loudest parts of some songs. Even then, the volume was adequate for enjoyable listening. Lyrics were distinct and clear.

The Bottom Line

EDIFIER is a top tier provider of audio products and the EDIFIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds are no exception. The Knowles balanced armature drivers produce a clean balanced sound and the IPX5 rating means they can withstand a hard workout or a rainy day without issue.

Despite their small size, they provide a full 8-hours of play time with another 24-hours available from the included charging case. In addition, the ability to charge the case wirelessly is a nice added feature, although we think EDIFIER would be wise to add some form of markings on the case, rather than just identify the wireless charging area on the plastic wrapper.

There is a quick start guide in the box but it seems to be lacking in the area of fully describing some of the features of the TWS6, like the fact that there is a charge indicator on the bottom of the case or that a more complete User Manual is available on line.

The initial set-up was a bit confusing when compared to the on-line manual as it described the LEDs being blue. While we never saw that, the pairing seemed to work as expected and the earbuds performed properly.

The EDIFIER TWS6 Wireless Earbuds come in both black and white. They come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and are available from Amazon.

We would like to thank the folks at EDIFIER for providing the TWS6 Wireless Earbuds for our testing and review.

What are your favorite wireless earbuds? Why not join the conversation and leave a comment below.

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