Ideal Apple Apps For Budding Drawers And Sketchers

These are stressful times, but thankfully, we have the arts to rely on to lift our mood, express ourselves, and make the most of free time. Recent research shows that artistic creation benefits the brain in many ways, helping us to battle stress, hone our focus, and manage mental and emotional wellbeing. If you are a tech lover who is never separated from your tablet or smartphone, then a good place to start out or sharpen your technique is by using a dedicated drawing app. Below are just a few of the best from Apple.

Illustrator On IPad

If you are a beginner in the artistic realm, fear not. Illustrator will make even a simple drawing take on a professional appearance, thanks to features such as Drawing Guides, which takes untidy pencil drawings and transforms them into a clean vector shape. You can then edit the vector to add touches that will give your drawing character and your own personal touch. Many users begin by drawing shapes from nature – such as a leaf or flower, moving on to faces of simple animals like cartoon or anime cats and dogs. The basic elements of drawing cats include using the right proportions, distance between features (such as eyes and ears), and including prevalent features such as whiskers, cheeks, and tufts of fur. When you are pleased with the result, you can vectorize the drawing, working next on subtleties of color, brightness of the eyes, and subtle color differences in areas like the ears.

How To Draw – Easy Lessons

This app offers step-by-step lessons that will enable absolute beginners to start drawing beautifully after a few tries. It teaches learners how to draw items from a plethora of categories – including nature and cartoons. When you want to take a break from drawing and relax by coloring, click on the coloring pages. Don’t forget to save your best works in your gallery and share them on social media.

Adobe Fresco

This app is ideal once you have a collection of favorite drawings you’d like to experiment with a bit. The app’s Live Brushes feature allows you to blend different mediums seamlessly and to try out a variety of different drawing styles – including painting, chalk, and black-and-white sketches. You can play with colors and effects, bleed your drawings, and build up texture for a 3D effect. Use Fresco alongside Photoshop to combine images, amend artwork, create using layers, and add text to your final work.

Let’s Learn How To Draw!

This app is ideal for beginner drawers who wish to break down big goals into smaller ones and to pick up basic drawing techniques. Aimed at children, it asks them what they want to draw, giving them a selection of categories to choose from – including dinosaurs, dogs, trains and monsters. Within each category there are several different individual items to choose from, so children don’t have to draw the same thing over and over again. Once the child chooses a character, the app proceeds to divide the drawing into simpler components. Children who are struggling with techniques like proportion can turn on the Assist Mode, which automatically corrects strokes. Children who prefer to teach themselves to draw can simply use the scratchpad to create drawings in the order and style they prefer.

The Apple store has a truly impressive range of apps focused on drawing and art as a whole. Absolute beginners will love apps like Let’s Learn How To Draw! and How to Draw – Easy Lessons. Those who have learned the basics, meanwhile, can try out Fresco and Photoshop to work in layers and blend different mediums together.

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Jacqueline Cowell

Working as a motoring writer gave Jacqueline Cowell the chance to put her past experience as a mechanic to good use, once she became a mother and decided to stay at home with her two young children. She now puts together pieces for a range of different motoring websites, but in her free time restores classic vehicles with her husband. She is also a regular contributor to Apple Tech Talk.

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