iOS 14 to Receive Security Updates Even After iOS 15 Releases

Apple has started experimenting with its universality and availability rather than playing it safe. In the past few years, Apple has been quite consistent with releasing major software updates along with new product launches. Whether you are waiting for macOS Monterey or iOS 15 as promised at the WWDC 21 event of Apple, the real hype is here.

Apple will release security updates for iOS 14, even after it launches iOS 15. This is probably the first time in history when Apple will let its users choose which iOS to stick with. Currently, most iPhone users might be using iOS 14.7, and it is expected to upgrade to either 14.8 or iOS 15. Further, it is believed that iPhone users should update to 0.1 updates as soon as they get released. Because it enhances the chance of getting better security measures and keeps your iPhone safe from threats.

Whether you’re stuck with the decision, whether you should switch to iOS15 or should stay with iOS14, Apple lets you choose. In spite of the fact that your iPhone can be upgraded with iOS 15, you can keep iOS 14. Let’s get to the details regarding the iOS 15 release and all.

How Long Does a Particular iOS Lineup Exist?

According to the professionals of Apple Service Center near me, iOS 14.8 has been spotted in the analytics, and you can expect it to hit the industry before or alongside iOS15. In addition, Apple has also confirmed that it will release iOS 15 very soon. However, the exact date is still unknown to us. If you follow the trend of Apple’s last few years’ activities, then iOS 15 might arrive on your iPhone this fall or later this year.

Moreover, it might be impossible to get iOS 14.8 as Apple has already declared the release of iOS 15. Generally, Apple halts the workings on the current iOS version when it starts working with the latest one. But, it seems that Apple is going to take a U-turn from what it usually does. It appears Apple will continue releasing security updates for iOS 14 even after iOS 15 comes out. This is a huge announcement for iOS users.

This statement has two different possibilities. If you’re an iPhone user and your iPhone runs iOS 14, then you need not necessarily go with iOS 15. You can stick with iOS 14. Even if your iPhone is compatible with iOS 15, still you have the choice of whether to accept the iOS 15 update for your device.


If you roll your eyes on Apple updates for iOS devices, then you will notice that none of the previous iOS versions has received the 0.8 updates. iOS 11 ended with iOS 11.4; whereas iOS 12 lasted with iOS 12.5, and iOS 13 existed for 13.7. Therefore, you can expect a change in the lineup of iOS updates this year. As per Apple’s plans, you can either go with iOS 14 or switch to iOS 15. Surprisingly, the same will be true for iPadOS users. If you’ve using iPadOS 14, then you can continue with it. You need not switch to iPadOS 15 when Apple releases it.

Should You Stick with iOS 14?

It’s totally up to your user experience with iOS 14. You might have encountered issues with iOS updates. Though software updates are known for strengthening security settings and making the device compatible with other software devices, users have come across different side effects.

Let’s have a look at what the current iOS 14 updates have given iPhone users.

Performance Issues

We can’t deny the importance of security updates with the latest iOS versions. With iOS 14.5.1, Apple released two vital security features. These were to prevent hacking measures. However, this update had reduced the performance metrics up to 60%. This might have become the strangest thing with iPhone users.

Battery Degrades

When Apple released iOS 14.6 it came with 43 major security updates. Additionally, the update had initiated battery draining. Countless Apple users have confirmed that they’re having battery issues while making a single call.

So, the decision of sticking with or switching to the operating system is completely at your convenience. Users might rush towards changing the operating system as soon as the new update is available. However, they should be alert to the consequences. Because performance or battery life can’t be compromised in the name of security.

If you’re comfortable with iOS 14, then you should stick with it. But, if you want to experience all the latest features of iOS 15, then you can upgrade to the iOS version.

iOS 15: What Will be New?

No doubt, Apple is advancing towards a collaborative approach with all the latest launches of operating systems related to Apple devices. Additionally, the sync among all the Apple devices will grow stronger with the release of macOS Monterey, iOS 15, and iPadOS 15. Discover powerful connection features that iOS 15 is going to bring.

Improved FaceTime Conversations

FaceTime is another name for communication for Apple users. And, Apple is going to make it more comfortable, along with an amazing user experience with natural FaceTime calls. Upgrades in the microphone modes will let you activate the noise cancellation modes. Wide Spectrum and Voice Isolation will be the two latest mic modes for iOS users.

On the other hand, spatial Audio will let you understand where the audio is coming from, even when there are a bunch of speakers attending the conference. Additionally, it will eliminate all the unwanted sounds from the caller’s surroundings. The SharePlay feature will allow you to share whatever you’re watching or listening to music on your Apple device.

For example, if you’re watching your favorite show or movie, you can share it with your friends and family. You can share the music, too, and the controls are available to all the participant iOS users. Moreover, you can turn the limelight on you by enabling the portrait mode which will blur the background. And, everyone on the call can pay attention to you.

Focus to Reduce Distractions

iOS 15 will let you focus on what you’re doing by its extraordinary feature called Focus. You can sort out those applications from which you’d like to receive notifications while you’re busy. Customize your Focus management and the on-device intelligence, and this will help you to keep distractions away.

The feature, Focus, will block notifications. In addition, Focus will free your mind from temptation, and you can resist checking your iPhone again and again. The feature is perfect for driving schedules, too.

More and More Features Loaded

You can come across on-device intelligence features, such as Live Text, Spotlight search and so on. Live Text will detect any block of texts from snapped pictures. And, it will work for handwritten texts, as well. Thanks to the Apple Neural Engine, you can easily use your Camera app to activate the Live Text option.

Additionally, the algorithm of Spotlight has been revised. It offers web image search, and you can now search for actors, movies, TV shows, and more. Let’s wait for iOS 15, and you’re still left with the choice of being in touch with iOS 14.

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