JAM Audio Debuts Amazon Alexa Integration

JAM Audio, makers of the No. 1-selling Bluetooth speaker in the U.S. for the past four years, today announced an app update to their line of WiFi speakers that seamlessly integrates with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service Technologies. The new app update solidifies JAM Audio’s commitment to delivering high-quality sound at an affordable price with the most up-to-date technology. The free JAM Audio app update now integrates a new function that allows users to access Alexa from anywhere in the home with the push of a button. With the new integration, the Voice, Symphony, and Rhythm speakers are now able to run commands and learn new skills based on preferences, bringing advanced capabilities to the home.

The JAM Audio app upgrade now features an Alexa button within the intercom function. To access Alexa, users open the app, tap the intercom selection on the bottom right of the home screen, and hold down the new Alexa button while speaking into the phone. Alexa’s basic functionality is available through the app to users with a free Amazon account. All iOS and Android devices will have Alexa functionality immediately after updating or downloading the app.

JAM Rhythm

JAM Audio RythmThe JAM Rhythm Wi-Fi speaker features two 2” full range drivers, 3 1/2” subwoofer and tuned port tube to provide room-filling stereo sound quality. Pairing multiple speakers amplifies the listening experience, and the speaker is able to be arranged in a portrait or landscape position. The JAM Rhythm retails for $119.99.


JAM SymphonyJAM Audio Symphony

This Wi-Fi speaker features 2.1 stereo sound, hi-fidelity tweeters, and powerful bass. Pairing multiple speakers amplifies the listening experience with sound for the entire home. The JAM Symphony retails for $169.99.

JAM Voice

The JAM Voice is the perfect entrant for consumers looking for a great speaker that can take commands, featuring WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. Pairing multiple speakers can give a much fuller stereo sound, or have music in every room in the house. The JAM Voice retails for $49.99.

JAM Audio Voice

“It is important for us to continue offering our users quality products that make their lives easier. And with the latest Alexa Voice Service Technologies integration and new app function, we can achieve this,” said John Mikkola, director of product development, JAM Audio. “This line of Alexa integrated speakers provides users with an exceptional listening experience at an accessible price, while providing them with direct access to Alexa Voice Services that streamlines all capabilities in the home.”

For more information about JAM Audio or to view their entire product line, visit www.JAMAudio.com.

About JAM Audio

JAM Audio, makers of the No. 1-selling Bluetooth speakers in America, offers a premium assortment of wireless audio products at affordable prices. In 2016, the company also debuted a new line of Wi-Fi Home Audio speakers. JAM’s products are made to reflect your personal style and allow you to share your music anytime, anywhere. JAM is committed to creating fun, high-quality speakers and headphones with big sound. For more information, visit JAMAudio.com.

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