Just Mobile iPhone Case and Screen Protectors

Since the earliest days of the iPhone, people have struggled to find the perfect balance between protecting their phones from damage and breakage, and letting the natural beauty of the iPhone be seen.  Now, thanks to the folks at Just Mobile, the perfect solution may be at hand.

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Introducing the TENC™ Air Case for iPhone

The TENC™ (which stands for The Emperor’s New Clothes ), is a super-slim, crystal-clear case offering all-around protection from bumps and scrapes while letting the natural beauty of your iPhone shine through.

TENC Air iPhone Case

The TENC™ Air case starts off with an anti-scratch hard-shell polycarbonate back panel with raised corners and edges to protect the back and camera lens.  Added to that is a shockproof thermoplastic frame with air cushions in the corners for added shock absorption.

Fit and finish of the TENC™ Air case was excellent with appropriate cut-outs for speakers, the lightning connector and the mute switch.  Buttons are covered for added protection but still easy to use.

The case supports wireless charging and we had no problem when using several different wireless charging pads.

The TENC™ Air case is available in a variety of sizes to fit the latest iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, from Amazon.

Just Mobile Screen Protectors

With the back and sides of the iPhone protected, many people wrestle with whether or not to use a screen protector.  Like many people, we have tried screen protectors in the past but they have always been the thin film style, and even we were able to apply them without bubbles remaining, over time, they tend to peel at the edges.  Fortunately, Just Mobile has a solution for that.

Just Mobile Xkin™ 3D Screen Protector

The Just Mobile Xkin™ 3DTempered Glass screen protector is the super-thin, super-tough screen protector. The glass has a slight curve to give a precise fit on the case.

Xkin 3D Screen Protector

It provides edge-to-edge coverage with a tapered smooth border. The self-adhesive tempered glass has a 9H hardness rating to provide unparalleled protection for your iPhone screen.

Just Mobile Xkin™ Screen Protector

For those wanting a slightly cleaner look, there is the Just Mobile Xkin™ Screen Protector.

Similar to the Xkin 3D™, this is a tempered glass screen protector that is super-thin and super-tough, having the same 9H hardness rating. But unlike the Xkin 3D™, the Xkin™ is a flat design with a transparent edge and a cut-out for the notch at the top of the newer iPhone models. The Xkin™ tempered glass has an oil-resistant, anti-fingerprint coating making it easy to clean.

Like any screen protector, it is important that the iPhone screen is free from any dust or dirt prior to application of the screen protector, and Just Mobile includes a fiber cloth with screen protector so you can clean the screen prior to application.

We found both styles of the screen protector fit very well on our iPhone 11 and while the black edge pf the Xkin 3D™ looked good on our black iPhone, people with other color phones may prefer the cleaner look of the border-free Xkin™.

The Bottom Line

People love their iPhone and love to show it off but want to make sure it is well protected in case of an accidental drop.  The Just Mobile TENC™ Air case offers the protection you want while allowing the natural beauty of the iPhone to shine through.

Add one of the Just Mobile screen protectors adds all-around coverage.

We would like to thank the folks at Just Mobile for providing the case and screen protectors for our testing and review.

How do you protect your iPhone?  O you use a case and screen protector, or keep your phone bare? Why not join the conversation and leave a comment below?

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