JUUK Vitero Band for Apple Watch

Whether you received your first Apple Watch for the holidays, updated to the newest model, or have been wearing your Apple Watch for years, it’s always a great time to change the look with a new watch band.  For a unique style with superior craftsmanship, check out the JUUK Vitero Band for Apple Watch.

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JUUK Vitero Band for Apple Watch – Unboxing

We previously reviewed the JUUK Ligero Band (read our review here), and our experience with the JUUK Vitero was very similar.

The JUUK Vitero band comes packaged in a hard cardboard box from which the interior sleeve slides out from the top.  The watch itself rest sin a soft foam carrier that inside in the sleeve.  At the end of the foam is the unique link removal tool JUUK supplies (more on that later).

While the Vitero line of Apple Watch bands is not new, JUUK introduced some new color combinations recently.  Our sample was the Ruby Grey in the 42/44mm style.

JUUK Vitero Ruby Grey Band

The band is made of 6000 series hard anodized aluminum. The band is a matte grey finish with a ruby red stripe down the middle of the band. The color and finish of the band is as close to a perfect match of our Space Gray Series 3 Apple Watch as we have ever seen. The red strip down the middle has the same matte finish and add a beautiful compliment to an already stylish band.

Butterfly Clasp

The clasp is made of 316L stainless steel and includes a double push button butterfly buckle which provides ample room to slip the band on and off when open. Each end of the butterfly buckle and be closed independently making it extremely easy to close the band with one hand.

Juuk Vitero Ruby Grey Band Closure

In addition, because of the style of the buckle, when fully closed, the end links of the band align making it look like the band has no clasp or buckle.  This provides a nice clean look and is something you might expect to see on bands costing significantly more.

JUUK Vitero Band for Apple Watch – Resizing

Most metal Apple Watch Bands we have seen come with 2 – 4 links on each side of the clasp, that can be removed to change the size of the band.  JUUK bands are the only ones we have seen, to date, that makes every link removable.

Out of the box, the JUUK Vitero band has 17 full links and 2 additional half links.  With all links installed the band will fit wrists up to 7.44 inches (189mm) and weighs 1.94 oz (55 grams).

Not unexpected, the band was too big when we first put it on and started the resizing by removing one full link from one side and two links from the other.  While that fit, we felt it was a little tight, so we reinstalled one full link and removed one of the half links placed next to the buckle end of the band.  That resulted in the band being loose enough not to pinch or feel uncomfortable yet tight enough not to twist on our wrist.

After several days of wear, we can still say this is the right combination.

There are no instructions in the JUUK packaging but this video gives you detailed instructions on how to adjust your JUUK Vitero band.

As we mention in our last JUUK review, the use of half-links is an excellent idea and one that so, far, seems to be unique to JUUK.  They also placed the half link right next to the clasp link so it does not break the style line of the band.

JUUK Vitero Band for Apple Watch – Installation

Of course, to do the resizing, we had to attach the band to the watch to help determine what adjustments to make.

During our first attempts, we had a hard time getting the band connectors to slide into the Apple Watch. We tried from each side and both the top and bottom of the watch but could not get the band past the edge of the watch. It almost felt like the connector on the band was binding or was too big for the slots on the watch.

We were almost ready to give up when upon closer inspection we discovered that the center pin of the band, which aligns with the release button on the underside of the watch was slightly raised and was hitting the edge of the slot, preventing it from sliding in.  We depressed the button on the band and it now slid into place without issue.

When the button on the band aligned with the release button on the watch, you could almost feel the connection being made.

We have experienced many bands that slide completely through the watch slot because the magnets or other mechanisms that hold the band in place are not strong enough.  That is certainly not the case with the JUUK Vitero Band. Once the band is inserted, we have no concerns of it sliding out of the watch slots.

JUUK Vitero Band for Apple Watch – Link Design

The JUUK Vitero Band for Apple Watch links are in a “Y” shaped design.

Juuk Vitero Links

More interesting, when connected to each other and laid flat, the “tail” of the link sits below the top edge of the link it is connected to.  While this may seem odd, it is a very clever design feature.  Due to the curvature of the wrist, when the band is worn, the tail of the link rises up just slightly and aligns perfectly with the top edge of the adjacent link, giving the JUUK Vitero band clean lines and a smooth top surface.  This is just one more example of the attention to detail you will find in a JUUK band for Apple Watch.

The Bottom Line

The Apple Watch continues to be one of the best-selling smart watches in the world.  The ability to easily change the watch band makes an Apple Watch individually yours and the JUUK Vitero Band for Apple Watch is one of the nicest designs we have seen to date.

Our Ruby Grey sample was a perfect compliment to our Space Gray Apple Watch and the contrasting red center stripe added a look that was both sporty and classic and we could see this band being worn with the most casual outfit, or the most formal attire.

The JUUK Vitero Band is available in both a Grey and Silver base colors, and a variety of complementing center colors.  They are also available to fit both 38/40mm and 42/44mm Apple Watch sizes.

You can find the JUUK Vitero Ruby Grey Band, in the Apple Tech Talk Marketplace, as well as other colors and JUUK styles on Amazon.

We would like to thank our friend at JUUK for providing the Vitero Ruby Grey Band for Apple Watch for our testing and review.

What is your favorite style of Apple watch band?  Why not joint the conversation and leave a comment below?

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