Kiosk Mode: How to Set Up and Lock iPad

Businesses and organizations today use various digital tools to make their operations faster, more efficient, and easier to manage. One tool quickly gaining traction in the business world is the iPad kiosk mode. 

How to Set Up Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode allows a device such as an iPad to be set up so it can only access specific applications without allowing any other changes or access. This makes it ideal for use by customers, employees, or visitors to a business, allowing them access to certain features without giving them the autonomy of a regular iPad!

Many organizations set up their iPads in kiosk mode for conducting digital surveys, check-ins, payment processes, and more. Some restaurants even activate this feature so customers can order their food and pay without having to wait in line. So, if your organization wants to take advantage of this feature, you will need to set up and lock the iPad properly.

Unsure of where to start? Here’s a complete guide to getting you started.

iPad Kiosk Mode: What is it?

iPad Kiosk Mode is a feature that allows you to lock your iPad into a single app. It is available for iPads running on iOS 6 or later. But, if you want to set up your device to enable multi-app kiosk mode, you will need to be running iOS 9.3 or newer versions.

Kiosk mode is helpful when you need to provide customers or visitors with access to specific information without allowing them to navigate away from it. For example, if you wanted to show off product features at an event, you could use iPad Kiosk Mode to lock the iPad into a presentation app.

Another use case of the kiosk mode is to provide customers with access to an online ordering system without allowing them to navigate away from the page. This makes it easy for customers to order food or goods quickly, and also helps protect your business from risks associated with a customer having unrestricted access.

Why do organizations need to activate iPad Kiosk Mode?

Kiosk mode can help limit people’s access to your iPad, which is especially important for organizations concerned about customer privacy or security. It also helps you keep visitors focused on specific information and prevents them from downloading apps or making changes to the settings.

With the kiosk mode, you can highlight important services, products, or messages without having to worry about any unauthorized access. Since this mode is often used for marketing campaigns, it helps to ensure that potential customers stay on track and don’t get distracted! This helps you provide a seamless customer and visitor experience while keeping your system secure.

Setting Up iPad Kiosk Mode

Setting up your iPad in kiosk mode is a relatively simple process, but it does require some knowledge of the settings. Follow these steps to set up and lock your iPad in kiosk mode:

1. Open the Settings

First, you’ll need to open the Settings app and navigate to General > Restrictions. Once you’re in Restrictions, toggle on ‘Allow Guided Access.’ Guided Access is an iOS setting that will allow you to lock your iPad into one specific app. This will effectively enable Kiosk Mode on your iPad.

2. Enter a Passcode

Activating Guided Access is not complete without setting a passcode. This step will ensure that no one else can make changes to the iPad while it is in Kiosk Mode. To do this, navigate to Passcode Settings > Set Guided Access Passcode. When you enter a passcode, make sure it’s something unique and hard to guess – don’t use common numbers like 1234!

3. Launch the App

Once you’ve enabled Guided Access and set a passcode, the next step is to open the app that you want to be locked in the mode. When you’ve opened the app, triple-click the home button. For newer iPads with no home button, triple-click the power button instead. This will launch Guided Access and allow you to customize your settings.

4. Customize Guided Access Settings

Once Guided Access is enabled, you can customize the settings for your chosen app. Select which features are enabled or disabled while using the app and set a passcode to prevent users from exiting the app. You can also enable a time limit so that the iPad will be locked after a certain period and require you to enter your passcode once again.

For example, if you want to use the iPad for a survey, you can disable access to the home button, volume buttons, and more. Once you have customized the settings to your liking, you need to click ‘Start’ to enable kiosk mode.

5. Exit Guided Access

When you are ready to exit Guided Access, triple-click the home button again and enter your passcode. Once you have done so, the iPad will return to its normal settings, allowing users to navigate away from the app as they, please. 

The Bottom Line

iPad Kiosk Mode is a valuable tool for organizations that need to provide customers or visitors with access to specific information without allowing them to navigate away. This protects the organization from potential security risks while helping keep visitors focused on the information that matters most!

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