Konnected Now Shipping Alarm Panel Pro

New Konnected Alarm Panel Pro is the world’s first IoT wired alarm system retrofit with Ethernet capability

Konnected, an Internet-of-Things startup that’s making traditional home security systems part of the smart home, today announces the first shipments of its long-awaited Alarm Panel Pro, part of its new product announcement at CEDIA 2019.

The Konnected Alarm Panel Pro, the third iteration in the Konnected family following Konnected Alarm Panel and Konnected Alarm Panel 2, transforms existing wired home security systems into smart home monitoring solutions. The Alarm Panel Pro adds Ethernet and PoE capability to Konnected’s original IoT Alarm Panel flagship and features a more powerful processor and support for up to 12-zone on a single board.

By replacing the motherboard of any traditional wired alarm system with the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro, users are able to monitor and control all of their home security system’s existing sensors and sirens through popular home automation platforms like SmartThings, Home Assistant, Hubitat, OpenHAB and more. This also enables the use of pre-existing wired sensors in smart home automation, for example triggering connected lights based on motion sensor detection. Homeowners have the option to continue using third party security monitoring or opt for budget-saving self-monitoring.

“We built the Alarm Panel Pro based on feedback from our users,” said founder, Nate Clark. “So many people loved the concept of the Konnected Alarm Panel but wanted the option to power it over Ethernet as well. The Pro delivers on that and enables fully hard-wired home monitoring for the most serious use cases.”

Alarm Panel Pro is for sale now at konnected.io for October delivery at a special price of $219. It will also be retailing on Amazon by this holiday season. More information on dealer pricing and to become a dealer can also be found online at konnected.io

About Konnected

Based in Orlando, Florida, Konnected is seeking to revive the wired home security systems that boomed in the 1990s but are now increasingly unused or underused because they’re inconvenient to use and expensive to monitor. By leveraging wiring already in the home with the burgeoning smart home ecosystem, Konnected is giving consumers the ability to not only customize home security and automation but eliminate expensive recurring fees while maintaining peace of mind. With a growing stable of products and useful module add-ons, the possibilities are nearly endless to create a truly intelligent home. For additional information about Konnected, please visit konnected.io.

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