Libra & Gemini Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

As we have said many times before, one of the things that makes the Apple watch the most popular smart watch on the market is how easy it is to change the look by changing the watch band.  If you are looking for a high quality, stainless steel watch band, check out the Libra & Gemini Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band.

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High quality materialSome may find the band heavy
Good color match and secure fit
Exceptional customer service

Libra & Gemini Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band – Unboxing

If you shop on line, you will find there is no shortage of stainless-steel link style Apple Watch bands with an equally wide variety of prices.  When we initially searched on Amazon it was hard to know which one to purchase.  After comparing several different ones, we decided to try the offering from Libra & Gemini as it seemed to offer good quality at an affordable price.

In the box is the Libra & Gemini Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band (we ordered the black to go with our Space Gray Series 3 watch), a link removal tool and a soft cloth to wipe down the band and your watch face.

Libra & Gemini Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

Out of the box, the band has 8 links on each side of the clasp with 3 links on each side able to be removed with the included link-removal tool, in order to customize the fit.  With all the links in place, the band will fit a wrist up to 8.1”.  At its smallest size, the band measure 5.8”.  We found removing one link on each side of the clasp provided just about a perfect fit.

Removal of the links was easy.  Each of the removable links are held in place with a metal pin.  The pin is larger on one end and there is a small arrow marking on the bottom of the links to show the direction used to remove the pin.  To remove the link, you align the tip of the removal tool to the edge of the pin and turn the knob.  As the removal tool tip moves out from the tool base, it pushed the pin out of the link until you can remove it completely.  In order to remove one link, you have to remove two pin, replacing one when you reassemble the band. The removal tool is made of plastic and should be treated gently since excessive pressure or rough handling could damage it.  That said, we have no issues and after removing two links (four pins) the removal tool is still working fine.  Of course, once you size the band, there should be no need to adjust it again so using the removal tool will usually be a once-and-done process.

Libra & Gemini Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band – Test Results

We purchased our Libra & Gemini Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band for our own use and have been using it for month.  We consider it a “dress” watch band and tend to use it for more formal occasions like going out to dinner or getting together with friends.  We don’t consider stainless-steel link design a casual look, but that is just a matter of personal taste.  There is no right or wrong time to wear the Libra & Gemini Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

Over the past few months we have been very happy with how the band has performed.  The clasp works well, and we have not had any issues of it popping open unexpectedly.  The black finish is a nice complement to the Space Gray Apple watch body and it has maintained its color with no chips or fading.

Our only negative comment is that some people may find the band to be a little heavy.  However, at times we wear it for 8 – 10 hours and do not have any complaints about comfort.

Libra & Gemini Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band – Customer Service

Product quality is important and most of the time, a high-quality item will provide long term service and satisfaction.  But even the best products can sometimes have issues.  When that happens, it’s important to know that the company you are dealing with is responsible and stands behind their products.  Because of that, we thought we should share our experience.

About a week we received our Libra & Gemini Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band, we were wearing it poolside when we suddenly felt it slip off our wrist.  When we retrieved it, we discovered that a screw on one end of the connector that slides into the Apple Watch had come out, causing the sections that slide into the band to come apart.

The connector was not unusual.  In fact, we still see it on many Apple Watch bands offered today.  The connector is made of several pieces which screw together after attaching to the band.  They look something like this.

Libra & Gemini Connector Old Style

This could have been a disaster, had the band broken at a time or place when we either didn’t realize it or couldn’t retrieve it, so all-in-all, it was a minor issue.

To be clear, we are not saying the connectors used by Libra & Gemini were of poor quality, nor are we suggesting that you should not buy a watch band that uses this style connector.  There are many companies still using this style and we have no reason to believe they aren’t fine products.

In any case, as soon as this happened, we jumped on-line and sent an email to Libra & Gemini to tell them what happened.  In less than 24-hours, we received a response to our email.  They of course were sorry this happened and assured us that they stand behind their products.

We expected they would offer to send a replacement connector, since the rest of the watch band was still in perfect condition.  We even thought that perhaps they would offer to send two connectors, so we could replace both, in case the other end was problematic.

We were pleasantly surprised when they told us they were in the process of redesigning their bands to include a sturdier connector style and that they would send us a new, updated version as soon as it was manufactured.

Sure enough, when the new band arrived we found that they had updated the connector to the style we are more accustomed to seeing on bands from Apple and other band suppliers.

Libra & Gemini Connector New Style

We have been using the newer style band for awhile with no concerns or issues.

The point isn’t that the original style connector failed, or that Libra & Gemini updated the product.  What’s important is that with a single email, they responded quickly and did what they needed to do to stand behind their product and make the customer happy.

We rarely get an opportunity to deal with a company for a return or defective product and felt we should take this opportunity to highlight the excellent service we got in this situation.

The Bottom Line

Wallis Simpson, the American wife of England’s King Edward VIII is credited with saying, “You can never be too rich or too thin.”  We think, had she been around today, she may have added, and you can never have too many Apple Watch bands.

Our review of the Libra & Gemini Stainless Steel Metal band for Apple Watch showed that you can purchase a stylish, high quality band without paying a lot.  The band was well made, was a nice color match and attached securely to our 42mm Apple Watch, Series 3.

That alone is reason enough to consider them as a source for your next Apple Watch band. But the added comfort of knowing they provide great customer service makes this a hands-down winner.

The Libra & Gemini Stainless Steel band for Apple Watch is available is Black, Gold and Silver and is available from Amazon.

Libra & Gemini Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band Colors

Do you have a favorite Apple Watch band style or brand? Why not join the conversation and leave a comment below.

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