Minimize Unwanted Printer Breakdowns with 4 Repair & Maintenance Tips

Adequate prevention is always better than a cure. Likewise, a well-maintained printer is capable of safeguarding against the unwanted breakdowns. Thus, you get to save thousands of bucks with necessary servicing and maintenance.

A dysfunctional printer can be responsible for a decline in productivity and can create constraints in the long run. However, with regular maintenance, minimizing critical disruptions is possible.

Nowadays, certain branded printers are in high demand for serving multiple functions. Starting from inkjet to laser, you get plenty of options to choose from, when it comes to buying a printer. However, owning a printer can be troublesome at times when it comes to repairing or replacing the essential components.

Like other electronic equipment, the Printer also comes with a limited time span. And, lack of proper maintenance simply extends the process. As a result, you end up opting for a new one. However, with yearly printer maintenance and repair, you get to extend its longevity.

Now, let’s see what consequences you might have to face for inadequate maintenance.

What Did Happen for Inadequate Repair and Maintenance?

Imagine a scenario, where you are about to print your assignments or important official documents and the printer suddenly turns off. It’s terrible right? Especially, when there is a tight deadline. Now, even after tapping the printer Power button several times, you cannot resolve this sort of critical problem. Then only adequate professional intervention of Printer Repair Dubai can help you to overcome these hurdles.

Additionally, you can even encounter several other printer problems for inadequate repair and maintenance. So, before we head towards the preventive maintenance tips, here are some common printer problems that might take place for improper care.

Common Printer Problems

Inadequate maintenance can lead to malfunctioning of the device. Its internal components will slowly start to show a decline in their functionality. Here are some major printer problems that might create obstacles for you:

  • Paper Jam
  • Slow Response
  • Clogged nozzle head
  • Constant Paper Feeding problems
  • Distorted Print Image
  • Horizontal/vertical stripes on the page
  • Low Ink Level
  • Disrupted Print Quality and Other Variant problems

However, you can even take adequate care of the printer machine by incorporating a few habits in your regular work routine. This will prevent mechanical failures and will ensure that you get consistent and high-quality prints:

4 DIY Printer Repair & Maintenance Tips to Follow

First of foremost, whenever you come across any primer problem, even if it is a minor one, get in touch with the nearby Printer Repair Dubai company. Most of these printer repair companies provide regular, monthly, and yearly maintenance based on the printer brand and model.

So, you can rely on them and avoid the hassle of looking after the printer all by yourself. However, if you want to resolve things all by yourself and want your printer to render its peak performance, these tips will ensure you don’t have to spend a 1000 AED.

Printer Cleaning is Essential

Regular printer cleaning is important, especially in the dusty surroundings of Dubai. Moreover, with time, dirt and dust particles can get accumulated in the printer components. Generally, extreme dirt, grime, and dust exposure can prove to be detrimental for the printer. These build-ups can even cause severe printer problems- starting from paper jams to scanning errors. So, take time from your busy schedule and eliminate the build-ups either with a vacuum cleaner or a dry towel.

Moreover, it is highly recommended not to use any chemical products to disinfect the exterior and interior parts, to prevent any circuit damage. Further, to prevent the dust and debris cover the printer, when it is not in use.

Update the Printer Driver and Software

Yes! You heard that right! When it comes to printer maintenance and repair, every printer user irrespective of the model and manufacturer should opt for updating its driver and firmware. Because Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) keep on improving the electronic products based on the latest technological requirements.

This simply implies that you need to keep on upgrading the firmware and drivers to avoid unwanted interruptions. This usually depends on the latest models of printers. Basically, printer driver and firmware updates are capable of enhancing the printer’s performance. So, it’s really a good bet to upgrade the firmware and drivers.

Check the Printer Heads

The main purpose of the printhead is to accelerate the ink. And, when extensive ink accumulates on the print head, it might clog the path of the ink, from passing through. As a result, only blank pages will come out from the print paper trays on the pages. This is the prime reason why it becomes essential to clean the printheads.

In such circumstances, simply use a soaked cotton swab to remove the excess ink. Make sure you have removed excess ink from the print heads, before inserting them again in its segmented slots. Further, do not leave a speck of dust. Before you start printing your necessary files or documents, check the printheads properly. This is the best way to avoid printhead problems in the long run. So, clean it and get crisp and clean print pages right away!

Consider Turning off the Device in Proper Timing

It is not entirely true, that we can’t assume when the printer is actually enduring a glitch. In fact, the way we handle it, totally depends on to what extent the device is going to sustain. Because, once you start to misuse the printer, it will most likely drag you towards a varied number of problems. So, stop mistreating it.

Sophisticated electronic equipment like printers or laptops needs to be handled with supreme delicacy. And, even minimal negligence can cost you thousands of AED. So, make it a habit to turn off the device when it is not in use. Additionally, cover it up, to prevent the dust from getting inside the printer mechanism.

This simply means you don’t have to get hold of any printer repair technicians and your skills are enough to repair the printer. Additionally, you can also prevent unwanted power surges.

Take an Immediate Action!

You give utmost importance to maintaining your computers, smartphones, etc; and printers are not an exception in this regard. Make sure you have placed the printer in the right place. Additionally, avoid putting any heavy materials on the top of the printer.

Further, in order to repair its components or for parts replacement, seek help from an authorized printer repair company. As they only offer authentic and guaranteed parts for the printer. So, implement the right printer maintenance tip and leave aside all the printer problems.

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