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If you’re like us, you often don’t get a chance to talk on your iPhone much during the day and while you have the time to sit and talk, the thought of having to hold your phone all evening is a turn-off. If only there was a way to relax and not have to hold your phone for those extended call session.

If that sounds like an issue for you, the Mobile Pillow may be the answer you are looking for.

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Adjustable holder will fit almost any size iPhoneSometimes hard to get in the “just right” position
Removable cover for easy cleaning 

Mobile Pillow Unboxing

When we first decided to review the Mobile Pillow we weren’t sure what to expect. Upon opening the package, we were surprised at what we found.

Mobile Pillow - Unboxing

The Mobile Pillow is a simple product and the packaging stays true to that concept.

In the box was the fully assembled Mobile Pillow and a single page “User Manual”.

The Mobile Pillow has an inner cover composed of 92% polyester and 8% polyurethane. Inside the inner cover is a polyacetal core pipe which gives the pillow the ability to hold its shape. That inner core pipe is surrounded by polystyrene micro-beads which keeps the pillow soft and comfortable.

All of that is covered by the Mobile Pillow outer cover which is a blend of 90% polyester and 10% polyurethane.

Mobile Pillow - Phone Holder Connection

The Mobile Pillow comes with the cell phone holder made of ABS plastic and comes attached to the end of the pillow (more on that in a moment), so there is no assembly required. You just remove the pillow from the packaging and it’s ready to use.

Mobile Pillow – How It Works

In the past, we have seen pillows for use with an iPhone which was basically a lap pillow with a way to cradle the iPhone on top of it. You could keep the pillow on your lap with the phone pointed towards you for a phone or Face Time call. But move to much or need to relocate, and the phone would usually fall or the pillow would slide to the side. The Mobile Pillow takes a very different approach.

Mobile Pillow - Displayed

Using the inner tube and micro-beads, the Mobile Pillow can wrap around your body. The attached holder securely supports the iPhone to prevent it from falling if you move or need to relocate while on a call.

The makers of the Mobile Pillow seem to have given a lot of thought to the details of the design.

First, we appreciate that the mechanism for mounting the phone holder onto the Mobile Pillow.

Embedded into the end of the pillow is a plastic ball. This receives the socket mounted on the back of the phone holder. The holder is secured into place with the plastic nut and can be adjusted into a variety of positions just by loosening the nut, adjusting the position of the holder and tightening the nut again.

If any of this looks familiar, then you probably have used a car mount for things like you iPhone or dashcam, as they all use the same ball and socket style.

This is a great option since it allows you to find a replacement phone holder fairly easily in the event the original holder get damaged or lost.

Mobile Pillow - Open Cover

The outer cover has a zipper so it can be removed from the inner cover for cleaning. The outer cover can be hand washed in cold water, with mild detergent and can be hung up to dry.

Mobile Pillow - Fabric Loop

There’s even an integrated fabric loop to hang the cover to dry or to hang the complete Mobile Pillow, when not in use.

Mobile Pillow - Phone Holder

The phone holder has mechanical side panels that expand at the press of a button. There are also two tabs at the bottom of the holder that unfold, to support the phone. By placing the phone on the bottom tabs and squeezing the side panels closed, your iPhone will be securely held in place.

Mobile Pillow with iPhone

Many phone holders we have used in the past have had spring loaded side panels and we often had to wrestle the sides open to try and get the phone in or out of the holder. The “push the button and it slides open” mechanism is a nice feature in the Mobile Pillow.

Mobile Pillow – Test Results

There are several ways to “wear” the Mobile Pillow. Some people may wrap it in the neck area to act as a headrest. Others may prefer to wrap it around their chest or waist for a slightly tighter fit. The truth is, there is no right or wrong way to wear it. Do whatever suits you best.

 It took us a little while to get it adjusted to our liking. Part of that was that the unit was brand new and needed to be worked in a little, as it got easier with some use.

Probably the most important aspect of the Mobile Pillow is that it held our iPhone very securely and we never were concerned it would fall out of the folder. The ball and socket attachment made it easy to put the phone in a comfortable position, whether portrait or landscape style.

There are plenty of options on how to use the Mobile Pillow. Some of the suggestions on the package include:

  • Wrap it around your waist for lower back and lumbar support.
  • You can have it free standing on the floor or a table for a multi-part session.
  • Take it in the car and wrap it around a seat to watch a video on a long trip

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

All-in-all, we were happy with the way the Mobile Pillow performed.

The Bottom Line

Truth be told, we all probably spend a little too much time on our iPhones. But sometimes you need to have that important call or Face Time session and just don’t want to have to hold your phone for long periods of time. The Mobile Pillow solves that and does it well.

The Mobile Pillow is available in a variety of colors including, black, gray, blue, pink and red, and is available from Amazon.

We would like to thank the folks at Spice of Life and Time Concept for providing the Mobile Pillow for our testing and review.

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