MOSONTH 1080P Webcam

While most people love their Macs, one of the biggest complaints we hear is the poor quality of the built-in Facetime camera. While it’s true that Apple is starting to address this, unless you have the 16” MacBook Pro or the recently announced 24” iMac, you still have a 720P camera. Fortunately, it is easy to correct that and the MOSONTH 1080P Webcam is a great way to improve your video quality without breaking the bank.

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MOSONTH 1080P Webcam – Unboxing and Specifications

MOSONTH 1080P Webcam

Inside the box is the MOSONTH 1080P Webcam, a tabletop tripod, a lens cover and a multi-language User Manual.

The camera is a plug and play style and attaches to your computer using a standard USB-A style connector. For those of you with newer Macs, you will need a USB-A to USB-C adapter. Given that USB-C is becoming so popular as an interface, it would have been nice if an adapter was included in the box.

The camera has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30 frames per second, and a viewing angle of 83 degrees. The camera uses a CMOS sensor with the 5 layer, 2M pixel lens.

MOSONTHE 1080P Webcam - Front View

The face of the camera, including the integrated light is 1 ¾ wide x 1 ½” high x 1 ¼ deep, and weighs just 7 oz. On the face of the camera is a single LED that lights green when the camera is active, as well as an integrated microphone.

Attached to the rear of the camera is the almost 5’ long cable that terminates in a standard USB-A style connector. We appreciate the long cable and it makes it very easy to position the camera where ever you need it.

The  MOSONTH 1080P Webcam mounts to the top of your computer or external monitor the same as most other portable webcams. The adjustable clip on the bottom of the camera unfolds to create a small lip on the front edge. That edge rests on the front edge of your screen. You then push the bottom section back up to rest against the rear of your screen. That creates enough tension to hold the camera in place.

The camera can rotate a full 360 degrees and tilt up or down to 42 degrees.

There is also a standard threaded hole in the bottom of the clip to accept the end of a tripod. We not only like the ability to attach the MOSONTH 1080P Webcam to a tripod, but appreciate that MOSONTH included a small tabletop tripod in the box.

The tripod measures about 5 ½ inches from the top of the mounting plate to the bottom of the legs. Since the legs do not extend, that is the maximum height you can get. There is a single knob at the top of the tripod. Loosening the screw allows you to rotate the mounting plate almost 90 degrees. We’re not sure how useful this feature is but at least the flexibility is there if you want it.

The tripod is not heavy duty so we suggest you handle it with care but it certainly is good enough to throw in your travel bag for the few times you may want it.

The last item in the box was a small piece of plastic with what appeared to be some double sided tape on the back. There is no reference to it in the User Manual and it took us awhile to figure out what it was.

Upon closer examination, we discovered this is actually two pieces of plastic hinged on one end. It turns out it is a lens cover. If you remove the protective backing of the double sided tape, you can place it over the lens of the camera. For extra security, you can close the cover to prevent anyone spying on you through the camera. When you want to use the camera, just flip the cover out of the way.

The MOSONTH 1080P Webcam works with all major streaming services including Zoom, Skype, YouTube, Facebook and others. It is also compatible with OSB.

MOSONTH 1080P Webcam – Test Results

Installation of the MOSONTH 1080P Webcam was quick and easy. We connected the USB connector to the USB-A port on our CalDigit SOHO Dock (see our review here). It was immediately detected by our 13” MacBook Pro.

When you first connect the MOSONTH 1080P Webcam the integrated ring light may not come on automatically. There is a small area on the top of the camera that is touch sensitive. A gentle tap with activate the light.

The ring light has three settings, low, medium and high, and you switch between them with each tap on the top surface.

This is actually the first webcam we have used that had an auxiliary light, so we don’t have anything to compare it to. That said, we think an additional light it a good idea.

When using the Facetime camera built it our 2017 MacBook Pro or other external webcams, we generally thought the lighting was good. There were no harsh shadows and the picture was easily viewable.

Using the MOSONTH 1080P Webcam with the ring light on low or medium didn’t really seem to change that much although we did see a slight difference.  On high, while the overall picture was about the same, there was a noticeable improvement. The face tones seemed more natural and the additional lighting added some nice highlights overall.

The Bottom Line

With or without the light, we were very happy with the MOSONTH 1080P Webcam. It’s large mounting clip kept the camera very secure on top of our MacBook Pro and our external monitor. The ability to attach the camera to a tripod is a nice feature and the included tabletop tripod was a nice addition.

While we wouldn’t necessarily choose the MOSONTH 1080P Webcam because of the integrated ring light, we think it is a nice addition and certainly something you should find beneficial. Add to that the included tripod and lens cover and we think you get a great package at a reasonable price.

The MOSONTH 1080P Webcam comes with a 12-month warranty and includes free replacement for manufacturer’s defects. The MOSONTH 1080P Webcam is available from Amazon.

We would like to thank the folks at MOSONTH for providing the MOSONTH 1080P Webcam for our testing and review.

Do you use an external webcam? Do you think a ring light is a valuable optionto have? Why not join the conversation and leave a comment below.

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