Must-Have Green iOS Apps For A Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainable living is an increasing priority worldwide – there’s been a global 71% increase in online searches for sustainable goods over the past five years. Business Insider reports. If you’re interested in incorporating eco-friendly practices into your lifestyle, you may not know where to start. Rest assured, a number of green apps are available to help you make manageable changes and keep your environmental footprint to a minimum.

Green iOS Apps - Feature

Olio (local sharing app) 

Olio is a local sharing app designed to promote reducing, reusing, and recycling, and prevent waste of any and all kinds – whether it’s food, furniture, toys, books, or clothing. So, if you’re looking to declutter your home, Olio can help you clear unwanted items fast. In fact, items listed for free are usually snapped up and collected in as little as two hours. Using the app couldn’t be simpler. First, you take a photo of your chosen item to give away, and add an accurate description, along with details of where and when it’s available for collection. Common pickup locations can include your doorstep, a safe space, or a public spot. You can also browse the app’s available listings in your area, and, if something catches your eye, message the user to arrange a collection.

Green building construction app

Snappii’s green building construction app allows you to quickly assess aspects of building construction in an effort to minimize environmental impact and development costs. As it stands, the construction industry uses a massive amount of raw materials and natural resources, and accounts for around 39% of global carbon emissions. Using the app involves filling out a checklist form to ensure environmental standards are fulfilled. For instance, low-impact lighting solutions like skylights and translucent panels may be recommended. The app may also suggest green building materials that minimize energy consumption and environmental impact. Indeed, green building materials are being put to good use all over the world. In Australia, for example, mud bricks are increasingly used in construction. In addition to being cheap and durable, mud bricks are also excellent insulators able to create comfortable homes.

Tap app (drinking water search engine) 

Plastic pollution is a growing environmental crisis. Shockingly, 91% of plastic isn’t recycled, and most of it ends up in landfills or the ocean where it harms wildlife and ecosystems. Switching from disposable plastic water bottles to reusable ones is a simple way you can do your bit to minimize plastic pollution in daily life. Here’s where the Tap app for iOS and Android comes in. This genius app lets you quickly find the nearest water refill stations while on the go. The Tap Authorized Refill Station network is made up of water fountains, coffee shops and restaurants, and water ATMs that let you purchase filtered water. In addition to displaying refill station locations, the app also highlights the quickest way to get there on foot. It’ll also let you know about the specific types of water available (tap, filtered, flavored, chilled, or sparkling, for example).

The Bottom Line

Sustainable living doesn’t have to be complicated. The latest green iOS apps make it easy to implement simple yet impactful eco-friendly changes in your daily life.

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Jacqueline Cowell

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