Must-Try Apple Arcade Games

Some people, the kind who focus on a PC for games, believe that Apple devices cannot excel in every area of digital entertainment. The reality of the situation is that Apple devices can offer games that are just as exhilarating as anything on PCs or mobile devices. And it is not just popular titles like Angry Birds 2, Monsters, Inc. Run or Prince of Persia (all of which were also made into movies streaming on leading streaming services).

Apple Arcade, which has been around for a while now, offers an ever-growing list of titles, with new games added almost every week. For an idea of popular picks which make your Apple Arcade subscription worth its price, keep reading.

Air Twister1

This “swipe shooter” has you controlling Princess Arch as she defends her planet from aliens. Imagine “Space Invaders” with better graphics and music.

Warped Kart Racers

This multiplayer kart racer focuses on animated characters that are or used to be on Fox. This means the casts of “American Dad,” “Family Guy” and “King of the Hill” compete across 16 different maps with plenty of daily and weekly challenges.

Oceanhorn 2

This adventure title is actually a prequel to the original “Oceanhorn.” This title has better graphics and gameplay than its predecessor, offering 20+ hours of quests, sidequests and boss battles in the world of Gaia.

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls

 After a short wait, Konami finally presents this unique iteration of its classic side-scrolling horror platformers. Beat up monsters with many of the Castlevania franchise’s best heroes and weapons in over 60 levels.

Disney Melee Mania

This game solves the desire to answer “who would win in a fight?” between Disney and Pixar characters. You create and build up a team of 3 characters to do battle with other teams in order to gain cosmetics and more characters. Not only is it great for all ages but it also features a multiplayer versus mode.

The Pathless

This open-world adventure game has you banishing curses with only the use of your acrobatics, archery and an eagle companion. Uncover what went wrong on the mysterious island you find yourself on and you can maybe even undo the evil.

Pocket Build+

This title is basically Apple’s own version of Minecraft reworked with a focus as a building simulator.

Alto’s Adventure Remastered

This “endless snowboarder” has you zipping down snowy terrain in order to find the spirit of the mountain while amping up the excitement with an impressive physics engine.

Cooking Mama: Cuisine!

While the “Mama” franchise has had a lot of iterations, this game spices things up by forcing you to decide on your ingredients and gear before attempting a dish, allowing you to work in the sort of panic that might be familiar to fans of “Chopped.” Your available tools and ingredients change on a daily basis and you can log your successes in a recipe book.

Thumper Pocket Edition

This is a rhythm puzzle game with some impressively violent interactions. You are in a space battle zipping through space in order to defeat a massive head at the end of it all. Hit the attack button at the perfect point to end an encounter all while amazing music reaches your ears.

LEGO Star Wars Castaway

Customize your own personal LEGO Mini-Fig character and explore the various planets of Star Wars to solve puzzles, race and explore. This game features easy controls for all experience levels and includes a social hub that allows emoticon-only communication between players.

Wylde Flowers

This is a farming sim set upon an island that also encourages a bit of exploration to uncover the story behind the many unique people and places found therein.

Cozy Grove

This simulation game has you checking out amazing landscapes while you play as a spirit. Your goal is to help other spirits that are struggling. As the environment shifts and evolves, you can learn more about this strange land while also returning color to the world.

Hot Lava

This is basically “The Floor is Lava” but as a first-person perspective video game. You guide your little character around various obstacles while doing everything possible not to touch the flowing pools of lava around everything. The game even has the good sense to feature a multiplayer mode so that you can shove your friends around without having to worry about breaking real bones or furniture.

Samorost 3+

This spacefaring adventure has you playing as a gnome out on a quest to learn where they came from. Mysteries, challenges and strange entities are the only things stopping this little creature from the truth.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

This adventure game focuses on a family of gibbons that do their best to survive in a world that sees them as food by helping them find a new home. The graphical fidelity of this one title is something to behold and it is nice to find the occasional game with a green message behind it.

Sonic Dash+

What is one of the best ways to improve upon an endless runner game? Add SEGA’s “Blue Blur” as a mascot. Play as various classic “Sonic the Hedgehog” characters as you zip through stages, collecting rings, dodging enemies and blasting through shuttle loops and walls. Unlock new characters by beating them in races.

Shadow Blade+

This adventure title has you playing as Kuro, a ninja questing to become the titular Shadow Blade. You can go in as an expert assassin or go completely stealthy in each level.

Rayman Mini

This endless runner has UbiSoft’s limbless mascot shrunken down to an ant. Help Rayman return to normal size by navigating 48 levels of outdoor creatures and hazards

LEGO Builder’s Journey

Where most puzzle games can be a little stressful to solve, this game has you playing with LEGO to construct different solutions while nice graphics and soothing music helps set the mood.

The Bottom Line

While this list is by no means exhaustive, we hope it at least gives a sense of just how game-friendly the Apple family really is.

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