NOMAD Base Station Stand Edition

Last month, NOMAD announced the introduction of the new Base Station Stand Edition, (read the announcement here).  We’ve now had an opportunity to do our own hands-on test and like the many other NOMAD products we have reviewed, (check them out here), the NOMAD Base Station Stand Edition does not disappoint.

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Excellent build qualityPower adapter is confusing
2-coil design supports horizontal and vertical charging

NOMAD Base Station Stand Edition – Unboxing

Like most of the NOMAD products we have reviewed, the packaging is part of the experience.

NOMAD Base Station Stand Edition Box

We were actually surprised that the box was as big as it was since we are used to seeing these type of accessories crammed into plain brown boxes, but that is not the NOMAD way.

Lifting the cover off the box reveals the Base Station Stand in the middle, the 2 meter braided USB-A to USB-C cable and the 18-watt power adapter.

NOMAD Base Station Stand Edition - Unboxing 1

Removing the Base Station Stand from its resting place reveals the include UK and EU plug adapters.  More on that I a moment.

Nomad Base Station Stand Edition - Unboxing 2

With everything unpacked, you can see what is included in the NOMAD Base Station Stand Edition.

Nomad Base Station Stand Package Contents

NOMAD Base Station Stand Edition – Set-up

Set-up of the NOMAD Base Station Stand Edition was quick and easy.  The 18-watt power adapter has a standard US 2-prong plug that folds down from inside the adapter, just as you get with the iPad and Apple laptop power adapters.

The NOMAD adapter has a single USB-A outlet on the back to accept the UB-A end of the included cable.  The other end of the cable, with the USB-C plug, connects to the back of the stand.

That’s all that was needed to get the unit working.

The included power supply is a self-switching unit that supports input voltage of  100 – 240 volts at 50/60 Hz so no power converter is needed for international use. While we didn’t need to use the UK and EU adapters, we were interested in how they connect to the power supply and that’s where we ran into a little trouble.

Below is a picture of the included  NOMAD 18-watt power adapter with the US style plug unfolded and exposed.

NOMAD Base Station Power Adapter

If you look closely, you will see what appears to be a seam, just behind what looks like a tab.  This tab is on both sides of the adapter.  To us, it looked like perhaps the tabs were intended to assist you in pulling the front of the adapter off so you could replace the US plug with either the UK or EU plug.

Fortunately, after one or two attempts we decided we had to be wrong and did not try to force the issue.

With some further investigation, we determined that the UK and EU adapters are designed to mate with the prongs of the US plug.  With the US prongs folded down, the other adapters have slots that slide over them and fit perfectly along the front edge of the unit.

The design is actually very nice and makes perfect sense, now that we know how it works.

We did not find any instructions in the Base Station box and with the exception of the issue on how to use the adapters, none is really needed. That said, we could see other users getting confused about how to attach the plugs and would suggest perhaps, NOMAD should consider putting something on their web site as a reference.

NOMAD Base Station Stand Edition – Test Results

We have used several different pad style wireless chargers in the past and never really became a fan.  Having the phone laying on the desk connected by a cable vs. laying on a charging pad seemed like the same user experience.

Using the NOMAD Base Station Stand Edition has really changed our minds. The stand itself is made out of a gray aluminum metal and the two 10-watt charging coils sit behind a black leather cover.  While not an exact match to our 13-inch MacBook Pro, it’s close enough to complement each other.

NOMAD Base Station Stand Edition with Mac

The stand has a backward tilt of about 30-degrees with a rubber bumper on the bottom to perfectly hold our iPhone in place whether charging in the vertical or horizontal position.

The single white LED on the bottom front panel is a nice reminder that the phone is charging although it does stay on as long as the phone is in place so it is more of an activity indicator, rather than a charge indicator.  The built-in ambient light sensor is a nice touch if you intend to use the charging stand in the bedroom.

NOMAD recommends that you use the included 18-watt charger and cable exclusively and we would recommend that too.  That said, we did connect the NOMAD able to the USB hub attached to our MacBook Pro and while the charging was slower, it still did work. For those that use the NOMAD cases, you will be happy to know that they are all compatible with the Base Station Stand Edition.

The Bottom Line

If you are a fan of wireless charging, the NOMAD Base Station Stand Edition is for you.  With its high quality materials and sleek design, you will be proud to have it on your nightstand, on your desk or in the boardroom.

If you aren’t a fan of wireless charging, you should check out the NOMAD Base Station Stand Edition before you make a final decision.  Its design keeps your phone front and center and makes it easily accessible for viewing, without being awkward or in the way.

The two-meter USB cable makes it easy to power even when an outlet is not close by and the included 18-watt power supply can charge your iPhone and AirPods (with a wireless charging case) without issue.

The NOMAD Base Station Stand Edition has an MSRP of $99.95 and is available directly from the NOMAD web site.  While you’re there, check out some of the other great NOMAD products or go to their site at

We would like to thank our friends at NOMAD for providing the Base Station Stand Edition for our testing and review.

Do you prefer wireless charging or using a charging cord?  Why not join the conversation and leave a comment below.

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