NOMAD Passport Wallets

With the start of the new year, many people think about their next travel adventures.  If you yearn to explore a foreign land, you’ll need to carry your passport. To keep it protected and carry it in style, check out the new NOMAD Passport Wallets.

You may be thinking that something like a passport wallet doesn’t belong on Apple Tech Talk but the folks at NOMAD would prove you wrong.

NOMAD Traditional Passport Wallet

Nomad Traditional Passport Wallet - Open

Like many of the NOMAD leather products, the NOMAD Traditional Passport Wallet is crafted from American-Made Horween Leather.

In the closed position, the NOMAD Traditional Passport Wallet measures 4.96in wide x 6.96in long x 0.944in thick (12.6cm x 17.7cm x 2.4cm).

The interior has a dedicated pocket for your passport plus 5 card slots and 2 larger slots for cash.

What makes the NOMAD Traditional Passport Wallet different from any other passport holder we have seen is that it has a hidden compartment for a Tile Slim. Using the Tile app (available for free in the App Store), you will always know the location of your passport should you misplace it.  The Tile Slim is designed to last about a year and as a NOMAD Traditional Passport Wallet owner, you qualify for the retile program, (read more about the retile program here).

The Horween Leather is beautiful out of the box but will also develop a beautiful patina as it ages as seen below.

The NOMAD Traditional Passport Wallet has an MSRP of $99.95 which includes your first Tile Slim.

NOMAD Modern Passport Wallet

If you don’t want the Tile Slim feature, NOMAD also offers the NOMAD Modern Passport Wallet. Made from the same beautiful Horween Leather on the outside, the NOMAD Modern Passport Wallet has a microfiber interior. There is still a dedicated passport slot and room to carry 8 cards and has 1 cash slot.

Nomad Modern Passport Wallet - Open

The NOMAD Modern Passport Wallet has an MSRP of $59.95

You can get more details on both versions on the NOMAD web site here. While you’re there, check out some of the other great NOMAD products and check out our reviews of some of them here.

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