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I am a long time PC user and am thinking about getting a Mac but I have heard people say that it is harder to do simple tasks, like cut, copy and paste on a Mac, than it is on a PC. Is that true and if it’s not, can you provide some guidance on how it’s done?

We hear this a lot from people that are thinking of switching to a Mac. The truth is, it’s not any harder to do these types of functions on a Mac, it’s just different because the Mac keyboard doesn’t have all of the same keys as a PC keyboard.

A PC keyboard has a Ctrl key and an Alt key. A Mac keyboard has a Control key and a Command key. Where it gets confusing is that the Ctrl (Control) key on a PC keyboard is not used the same way as the Control key on a Mac. As a general rule, where you would use the Ctrl key on a PC keyboard, you use the Command key on a Mac keyboard.

To help you out further, we have put together a free guide, which shows you the keyboard shortcuts for the common functions like Cut, Copy and Paste, Documents and the Finder.  To get your copy, just subscribe to Apple Tech Talk using the form below.

We hope you find it helpful.  Enjoy your new Mac.

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