POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000

It’s been awhile since we looked at a new portable power supply, so when the opportunity to review the POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 portable power supply came along, we jumped on it.

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20000mAh capacity for multiple chargesNone
Multiport cable included 

POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 – Unboxing

The fairly plain brown cardboard box that our POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 arrived in looks identical to many of the other portable power supplies we have seen in the past. But when we opened the box, we had a couple of nice surprises.

PowerAdd EnergyCell II 20000 Power Bank - Unboxing

Most of the power supplies we have reviewed in the past cam wrapped in a plain paper bag. The POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 (Model # PD-MPD1063BK) power pack was inside a cloth draw bag. While it probably won’t provide any protection from an accidental fall, it will certainly protect the unit while packed away in a backpack, travel bag or purse. Also in package is a multi-plug cable and a multi-language User Manual.

Although not included in the photo above, there was also Happy/Not Happy card and a bookmark with information on how to return the unit or get a replacement, or how to get a free extended warranty.

POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 – Specifications

The POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 measures 4.89” x 1.89” x 0.72” (16.3cm x 6.3cm x 2.4cm) and weighs 13.24oz (375.6g). While not the lightest power supply you can buy, given its power capacity, it is far from the biggest or the heaviest.

PowerAdd EnergyCell II 20000 Power Bank

The outer case has a slight texture to it, which is supposed to aid in the case being slip resistant.

Inside the case is a Li-polymer battery with a capacity of 20,000mAh/74Wh.

PowerAdd EnergyCell II 20000 Power Bank - Ports

The front edge of the case has two (2) USB-A ports and one (1) USB-C port.

The included user Guide refers to the USB-A ports as USB 1 and USB 2 but does not clarify which is which on the device. Based on the fact that the USB-A port in the middle is blue, we assume that it is USB 1. Based on that, here are the power outputs of all of the ports;

USB-C Input5V – 3A, 9V – 2A, 12V – 1.5A
USB-C Output5V – 3A, 9V – 2A, 12V – 1.5A
USB-A 15V – 3A, 9V – 2A, 12V – 1.5A
USB-A 25V – 2.4A

The USB-C port provides 18W Power Delivery for rapid charging.

PowerAdd EnergyCell II 20000 Power Bank - LED Indicators

On the top of the POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 is a single button with four (4) white LEDs to indicate that charge status of the battery. Pressing the button will light the LEDs based on the charge level.

Number of LEDsCharge Level
NoneLess than 10%
One LED10 – 25%
Two LEDs25 – 50%
Three LEDs50 – 75%
Four LEDs75 – 100%

When charging, the LEDs will blink with the number of LEDs blinking indicating the amount of charging left.

POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 – Charging Cable

While the POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 is a worthy portable power supply in its own right, the included multi-plug cable was a pleasant surprise.

This is certainly not the first portable power supple to include a cable, but most of the ones we have seen in the past were some form of a USB-A or USB-C cable. In some cases the cable had a USB-A plug on one end and a USB-C plug. By switching which end you connect to the power supply, you can either recharge the battery, or use the battery to charge your device.

The cable included with the POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 does that too, but goes one step further.

POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 - Cable End

One end of the cable is a standard USB-A connection. The other end terminates in a standard micro-USB plug. But attached to the cable are two adapters. One converts the micro-USB to a Lightning connector and the other from micro-USB to USB-C.

We appreciate that the Lightning and USB-C adapters are permanently attached to the cable and have rubber grommets that slide onto the micro-USBs  strain relief to keep them organized and in place.

Just to be clear, the only plug that is actually powered by the cable is the micro-USB. The other tips are just adapters.

POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 – Test Results

Our POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 arrived with about a 50% charge. We connected it to a standard iPhone power adapter and it took a couple of hours for the battery to indicate it was fully charged.

Once charged, we used it to charge our iPhone Xs. While you would have to provide your own additional cable, the POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 does allow you to charge more than one device at a time.

In the past, we have had mixed results with third-part charging cables but the included cable with the Lightning adapter attached, had no trouble  charging our phone.

We also noticed that while the battery is in use, the LEDs remain lit. This is something we don’t recall seeing before and is a nice visual to let you know how much battery power you have left.

PowerAdd say the POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 can recharge an iPhone over four times and an iPad Air almost twice. Of course, your mileage may vary.

In any case, our testing shows that you will definitely have enough power to get you through the busiest of days without fear of running out of power

The Bottom Line and a Special Offer

There is no shortages of portable power supplies available and it sems that the industry is finding ways to increase their battery capacity while keeping the size and weight manageable.

Our testing of the POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 clearly shows that this has plenty of power for your charging needs.

The included extras, like the cloth carry bag, and especially the multi-plug cable makes this a portable power supple that’s hard to beat.

All POWERADD products, including the POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000, comes with a full 2-year warranty from the date of purchase, and products purchased directly from the POWERADD web site come with a No Hassle 30-day Money Back Guarantee and free shipping within the U.S.

The POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 has an M.S.R.P of $35.89. As a special offer to Apple Tech Talk readers, enter the code, EZDMAZ at checkout and receive a 20% discount. This is a limited time offer so don’t delay.

You can learn more about the POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 and order yours here.

We would like to thank the folks at POWERADD for providing the POWERADD EnergyCell II 20000 for our testing and review.

How do you power-up when on the road? Why not join the conversation and leave a comment below.

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