Rivnn International Power Plug with2 USB ports

It wasn’t that long ago that if you were traveling from the US to almost any other country, the type of plug needed was the least of your problems. That’s because while the US uses 120V, countries in Europe and other places use 240V. That required a transformer to switch the different voltages. Today, that problem has mostly gone away since most electronic items come with self-switching power supplies that work on both 120V and 240V.

That means that all you have to match the style of plug, and that is easily handled by the Rivnn International Power Plug.

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Rivnn International Power Plug – Unboxing

In the box is the Rivnn International Power Plug and a short User Guide. This isn’t a new style of adapter, but this is a very complete version of an all-in-one device with some added features.

Rivnn Power Adapter - Front

The unit measures 2.14 x 2.59 x 2.96 inches (54mm x 66mm x 50mm). The front face of the adapter provides access to a wide range of plugs including 2-prong US, 3-prong US, United Kingdom and Europe. On the back face are the various plugs you would use in foreign countries. This includes plugs for the US and Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe. To select the input plug you want, you slide the appropriate button on the side of the adapter. The plug slides out from the inside of the adapter. If one of the plugs is extended, the other slides are locked in the closed position as a safety precaution.

Having traveled to Europe in the past, we know that one issue is that the European outlets are often recessed into the wall. This is addressed by the fact that the 2-prong European plug has a built in extension piece which will allow the prongs to reach the recessed outlets.

Rivnn Power Adapter - USB Ports

The big different with this adapter from others that use this style are the two (2) USB-A ports on the bottom, providing 5V/2.4A per port. By including USB-A ports, you can charge most of your electronic devices directly through the adapter.

Rivnn Power Adapter - Fuses

The adapter has “intelligent charging” so it determines the optimal output for your devices. It also has a fuse to protect from overcurrent damaging your devices. The fuse is located behind a small door on the rear of the adapter. A spare fuse is also included and is also stored inside the adapter. Should you ever need more fuses, they are a standard 25V 10A Model # BS1362 fuse.

The User Guide has a complete list of the countries that the Rivnn International Power Plug works in and it is too long to list here but it is certainly an extensive list and it’s hard to think of a country that isn’t listed.

The Bottom Line

There are many options for power adapters you can use in foreign countries. Some are just plug converters, and some are the same style of multi-plug adapter as the Rivnn International Power Plug. But the inclusion of USB-A ports and the use of a fuse to protect the circuitry is evidence that this is much more than a big plastic cube with a lot of built-in plugs. The Rivnn International Power Plug is an easy way to travel the world and know that you have a secure power adapter to meet your needs.

The Rivnn International Power Plug comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects and is available from Amazon here.

Do you travel overseas? How do you manage the international power issues? Why not join the conversation and lease a comment below?

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