Soundcast VG7 Now Shipping

Premium, Portable Speaker Debuts with 360-Degree Sound for Superb Highs and Mids and Chest-Thumping Bass

Soundcast VG7

San Diego (May 31, 2017) – Soundcast announced today that the VG7, the latest release from the award-winning audio manufacturer’s VGX Series of premium, powerful portable speakers, is now shipping. The VG7 features 360 degree sound for an immersive sound profile and is equipped with the shock absorbing and weatherproofing capabilities that come standard with any Soundcast release, allowing for clear playback in any listening environment.

The VG7 features a proprietary long-throw, down-firing woofer to underscore booming low-end sound range and volume for large outdoor areas. Encompassing four omnidirectional 3” drivers, the portable Bluetooth speaker produces fully immersive sound, creating a listening environment reminiscent of home theater installations. Indoor-outdoor EQ mode also allows sound to translate evenly no matter the listening environment, with outdoor mode providing an upper bass boost when engaged and indoor mode reducing bass levels. Early reviews of the VG7 upon its debut at CES 2017 praised the speaker’s “superb highs and mids and chest-thumping bass (TechHive).”

“Soundcast conducted extensive market research when designing the VG7, and we found that consumers want the ability to move their speakers to different areas of the yard based upon their activity, whether they are in the hot tub or the outdoor kitchen area,”

said Charity Hardwick, vice president of sales and marketing, Soundcast. “The VG7’s powerful, 360-degree sound and formidable, weather-resistant design makes it the perfect speaker to fill a homeowner’s premium, outdoor living space with audio.”

More information can be found at The VG7 is available for purchase at Audiolab, HiDef Lifestyles, Worldwide Stereo, Electronics Expo, Bjorns and other specialty A/V home retailer domestically and internationally.


Located in San Diego, California, Soundcast is a market innovator and leader in high-performance wireless audio systems sold globally through multiple markets. With a full line of portable premium music systems, Soundcast delivers the home theatre music experience for outdoors or on the go. Backed by over ten years of expert engineering and wireless technology research and development, Soundcast’s innovations have paved the way for the portable audio industry. Featuring a reliable weather-resistant enclosure and long battery life, our products are made for indoor and outdoor all-day play.

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