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Whether you are purchasing a new Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple Watch SE or already own an earlier version of Apple Watch, it’s always a good time to add to your watch band collection. If you are looking for an excellent variety of styles at affordable prices, check out the Apple Watch bands offered by Strapsco.

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A Little About Strapsco

There is certainly no shortage of third-party Apple Watch bands available on the Internet. It can be difficult to find a source that it both economical and high quality. When we evaluate Apple Watch band sources, we look for several things. This includes;

  • A wide variety of styles and colors
  • Able to fit all versions of Apple Watch
  • Quality material including for the bands, buckles and connectors
  • Excellent fit and finish when installed on the watch
  • Reasonable pricing

Having tested several styles of Strapsco watch bands, we think they meet all of our criteria.

Strapsco Watch Bands – Unboxing

When it comes to watch band packaging, we have seen everything from multiple bands put in a plain poly bags to individual carboard boxes with fitted interiors. The packaging for the Strapsco bands fall in the middle.

Strapsco Watch Bands

Each band was individually packaged in its own bag. The bag was actually split into two compartments so that each half of the band was held in place. The bags are sealed with a rear flap and adhesive that can be easily opened and resealed. This makes storage of the bands easy. While we don’t want to make too much of the packaging, we do think it is a good indication of how a company feels about its products and, in our opinion, better packaging (without going overboard) reflects a quality product.

Strapsco Watch Bands – Test Results

We tested three (3) models of Strapsco watch bands.

Strapsco Waffle Silicone Rubber Strap

First up is what Strapsco refers to as a “Waffle” Silicone. Like many of the rubber bands available for the Apple Watch, this band comes in a variety of colors and is built to take the abuse that could come from everyday use.

That said, the waffle pattern in the rubber adds a touch of style that we have not seen before and we think you could wear this band to a day of rough work and still feel comfortable wearing it out to dinner at the end of the day.

Our gray band came with black hardware and fit perfectly on our 42mm Series 3 Apple Watch. The connectors are the upgraded style that does not require special tools to replace the pins.

Like most silicone style bands, this one was a little stiff the first few times we wore it but it quickly conformed to our wrist.

Strapsco ds14.17.mb-DASSARI-Vintage-Leather-Watch-Strap-in-Beige-w-Matte-Black-Buckle-3

Next up was a classic leather band, sold under the Dassari brand.

The smooth leather is a rich brown color with the underside covered in black leather.  The contrasting white stitching makes it a great choice whether you wear it as a casual band or something more formal.

Like the waffle silicone band, this band came with black hardware which was a perfect match to our Space Gray Series 3 Apple Watch. Also like the waffle style, this band had connectors with pins that can be removed without tools.

Dassari Leather with Gold Hardware

Our last land was a beautiful blue textured leather ladies band with gold hardware that matched our 40mm Series 5 Apple Watch.

As you can see in the photo, the connectors are different on this band. The buckle is more rounded and delicate and the connectors are, what we consider, the “older style” hardware, but seems appropriate given this is intended for a smaller wrist.

In looking at the variety of bands on the Strapsco site, we did see that many of them come with only one color hardware but there are very similar styles that have other hardware colors. Other styles offer a variety of color and hardware combinations so you should check out all of the options to get the combination you want.

Strapsco also offers connectors separately which gives you the option to create your own unique combination.

The Bottom Line

One of the things we love about the Apple watch is the ability to make it unique by adding different watch bands.

No matter when you got your Apple Watch, it was a significant investment and deserves a band that is made from quality materials but at a reasonable price. The bands offered by Strapsco has a wide variety of colors and styles at prices that won’t break the bank.

For those of you looking for watch bands for other brands or types of watches, you should know that Strpasco offers watch bands for a wide variety of smart watches and regular watch brands, including many OEM replacement bands.

Most Strasco bands come with a 30-day return policy and Strapsco offers worldwide shipping. You can see the full line of Strapsco bands at their web site at:

We would like to thank the folks at Strapsco for providing these watchbands for our testing and review.

What is your favorite style of Apple Watch band? Why not join the conversation and leave a comment below?

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