Synology® highlights 20 years of innovation and future roadmap at Synology 2020 NYC

Annual conference showcases powerful data management solutions

Yesterday, September 18, 2019, Synology® Inc. hosted Synology 2020 NYC, where the company showcased their data management technologies. This event, held at TheTimesCenter in New York City, began with opening remarks from Alex Wang, Synology America CEO, highlighting how Synology has evolved over the past 20 years from developing on-premises network-attached storage to offering hybrid cloud and enterprise-level data management solutions.

“From the beginning, Synology’s core mission has been to provide data management and security tools for an ever-evolving technology landscape,” said Wang. “Synology has been in a fortunate position to evolve with the industry and will use insights gained from the past decades to continue delivering intelligent and reliable technologies that allow people to accomplish more with their data.”

Next generation file server tech makes cross-site sharing easier and safer

The first presentation, delivered by Sales Manager Mark Larocque, gave an overview of Synology’s next generation file server technology, which included real world examples of how Synology products and applications can facilitate collaboration across teams or continents. Another highlight of the event included a demonstration of Synology’s license-free data protection suite Active Backup, which can be used to protect VMware vSphere, Windows PCs, Office 365, file servers, and more.

Synology C2 and Hybrid Share unlocks the full potential of the cloud

Synology C2, the company’s public cloud service then took center stage as Synology highlighted their hybrid cloud model for data management. It was noted that C2 Backup, Synology’s own cloud data protection service which launched globally last year, has grown to protect the data of more than 28,000 business and personal users.

Looking ahead, Senior Sales Manager Devin Santamaria gave a live demonstration of a future application dubbed Hybrid Share. This application allows users to implement a hybrid storage solution for scenarios where data is synced across multiple locations. Users will be able to keep the majority of their data in Synology C2 and cache only necessary files in their local server, providing greater flexibility when expanding capacity or planning multiple site deployments.  

Synology also introduced Active Insight a new monitoring tool expected to launch with DSM 7.0. Active Insight allows users to monitor all NAS resources and performance status through the centralized, online portal. “Your NAS will be compared against 20 years’ worth of analytics, support, and vendor data, and if and when, there are action items, we will notify you.” says Santamaria.

High-performance storage arrays to fit every need

Finally, Senior Sales Manager Christopher Alden showed off a portfolio of upcoming and recently announced enterprise products aiming to meet the growing demands for the company’s high-end storage segment. Highlights included the upcoming UC3200, an active-active dual controller model for non-disruptive iSCSI services, the all-flash FS6400 boasting 240K random write IOPS, and the SA3400 offering petabyte-scale storage for larger databases or backup scenarios.  


SA3400, FS6400 are available for purchase now.

UC3200 is set to be released in late 2019.

DSM 7.0, Hybrid Share, and Active Insight are all slated for release in 2020.

Synology at a Glance

Staying at the forefront of data management, Synology innovates and adapts to ever-evolving technologies. It continues to bring new possibilities to the table, including but not limited to: solutions for data storage and backup, file collaboration, video management, and network infrastructure – all designed with one goal in mind – presenting a centralized platform to simplify IT administration while driving digital transformation for businesses worldwide.

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