The Best Apple Apps For Creating Video Content

85% of Americans watch video content every single month. It is an extremely powerful marketing tool to attract followers to your website and social media pages. In fact, 54% of consumers said that they would happily see even more video content for the companies and brands that they follow.

Video content also helps to generate a profit – when surveyed, 88% of video marketers said that they were happy with their return on investment for the content they had uploaded online.

When you are creating your own video content, it is important to make sure that your videos are accessible to everybody. It is particularly important to consider that many phone users don’t have the volume turned up when they are watching video content, so subtitles are a must. Apple has several apps that can help you create interesting, engaging videos that are accessible too.

Photo by John Mark Arnold on Unsplash
Photo by John Mark Arnold on Unsplash

Contenter – Video Content Maker

f you are just using your cell to create marketing content, particularly for social media, then Contenter is one of the most straightforward apps available for the iphone. You can add subtitles and audio descriptions to help make your content accessible for everyone, and there is also a good option of themed templates in bright colors. Designed by IndieCF Inc, Contenter is aimed both at small, independent businesses and big brands. It is compatible with ioS 9.0 and later, and offers a basic package for free, or you can pay for the PRO version, which includes extra templates, design features, and the option to save even more video content. Once you have created your video content, you can share it directly on social media through the app – the videos are in HD quality, so will look good on any mobile device.

Promo – Marketing Video Maker 

Promo is a quick and easy app to use for those who don’t have the budget to hire a marketing agency for their business. It is available for iPhone or iPad with ioS 14 compatibility. You can use the app to create promotional videos, visual content for your website and social media pages, and good quality video advertisements. The text and subtitle options are fully customizable, so you can make sure that the fonts are legible and the colors suitable for everyone to read. There are new templates added on Promo every week, so the content is always kept fresh. The addition of a social media video calendar is a bonus, especially if you want to keep your video content current and trending. It can help you to create content for national days, holidays, and any special events that your business is holding. 

iMovie – Professional Video Maker 

iMovie is a good app if you want to create longer video content for your website to a professional standard. You can easily add subtitles and audio-visual descriptions to make your videos accessible. iMovie offers 14 different templates to choose from when you are making your movies, and eight themes for titles. You even have the option of adding additional scores to your video content, written by professional composers. This will give your content a cinematic feel – there are 80 soundtracks to choose from. To make your content more accessible, you can change the fonts, color and size of text, as well as where it is placed on screen. iMovie can optimize your videos for Instagram so that they look good playing on your iMac or your iPhone.

The Bottom Line

There are some excellent Apple apps that you can use to create accessible video content. Your videos can be a powerful tool in helping expand your profile online and on social media.

What apps do you use to create great videos? Why not join the conversation and leave a comment below?

Jacqueline Cowell

Working as a motoring writer gave Jacqueline Cowell the chance to put her past experience as a mechanic to good use, once she became a mother and decided to stay at home with her two young children. She now puts together pieces for a range of different motoring websites, but in her free time restores classic vehicles with her husband. She is also a regular contributor to Apple Tech Talk.

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