The Latest & Smartest iPhones Of All Times: iPhone 12 Pro Max

The Apple collection seems finally complete with iPhone 12 Pro Max. It is the heaviest, biggest, strongest, and most feature-rich iPhone Apple has ever made, and this is an adequate reason to make it the best-seller.

iPhone 12 Max ro All Colors

Apple has left many potential buyers confused with its 12 series, which has an unbelievable set of 4 devices. However, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a clear target audience in the series. After reviewing the basic iPhone 12, the smaller iPhone 12 Mini, and the mid one iPhone 12 Pro, we have eventually concluded the biggest phone in the series aimed at the Pros – professionals, progressives, and the pro users.

So, what’s new with iPhone 12 Pro Max?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is a giant phone. It is even larger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This means it has a more screen-to-body ratio and a better resolution. Although, it weighs the same as the previous version despite the ceramic coating and steel frame. 

The flat edges make the design look fancy. However, the flat edges could make it tough to grip the iPhone at times, especially in the cold. Hence, it is good to invest in a cover that protects the phone and provides a good grip every time. 


This iPhone 12 Pro Max has some new features in the camera section as well. Apple has a 47-percent larger sensor in this huge-sized phone, and it definitely pays off. You can actually spot the difference. iPhone 12 Pro Max has a camera bigger in size and stands out a bit more as well. 

More light can be captured now due to the bigger sensor on the wide-angle cam, resulting in less noisy pictures when tested in low light. This is supported by the increased ISO. The iPhone 12 Pro has a high ISO of 5808, while iPhone 12 Pro Max has a high ISO of 7616. Enhanced light sensitivity again means better shots in low light. The last advantage of the new sensor is more depth of field than the iPhone 12 Pro. 

Apart from the wide-angle camera, there was one another upgrade. It has a larger telephoto lens and can do a 12x zoom, which was 10x before. Even iPhone 12 Pro can’t pull this off. Moreover, another thing iPhone 12 can’t do is shoot in Dolby Vision HDR at up to 60fps. 


Another thing to know is that iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 10% smaller battery than its previous versions. However, it has the same battery life as the iPhone 11 Pro Max – 80 hours of audio streaming, 20 hours of video playback, and 12 hours of video streaming. It has a better battery life than the iPhone 12 Pro. 


There was an increase in the RAM from 4 to 6 GB. The iPhone 12 Pro Max isn’t the only one to have 6 GB RAM, but this is where it is most noticeable. From what was observed in iPhone 11 Pro Max, background apps would have to reload after opening them while completing several tasks. And this wasn’t the case with iPhone 12 Pro Max.

What’s good in iPhone 12 Pro Max?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is truly at its peak of smartphone technology. It has the best processor in the business packed with pro-grade camera units, a remarkable display, and a fancy design. 

For the past few years, Apple has been ensuring to have the same processor in all its iPhones. But the experience is certainly different if you climb the value chain. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has more tools to use the A14 Bionic Processor. 

While the iPhone 12 series offers the same UI/UX, the 12 Pro Max has some premium camera features to provide that other iPhones cannot. For example, the Dolby Vision HDR recording at 60 fps is as good as most DSLRs. This is the phone for shooting video at a pro-level but not always using a DSLR. If you don’t want to carry a heavy camera to prove yourself a pro-photographer, this is your phone. 

This iPhone really does its best with video recording. You can observe the slight changes in the lights and the glows that have different shades. Whether it be day or night, this camera proves its best at any time. The camera is faster in processing night shots, and it can capture pictures in less time. 

The Pro Max has a Lidar sensor in the camera rig, just like the Pro. This sensor is meant to offer an improved AR experience; it also enhances some shots drastically. You can yourself compare the photos taken with iPhone 11 Pro Max and 12 Pro Max when you go to get it at the store. 

What’s not so good in iPhone 12 Pro Max?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has almost the same battery life as last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max. You can see it on a full charge with a very active day when you are back home. But it seems like the battery is smaller this time than the previous year’s 3969 mAh cell. It is tough to process this change because the phone has actually become more extensive than the previous one, and reducing the battery size seems unnecessary. The effects might start showing up once the phone starts getting old and the battery begins aging, especially those using 5G. 

It is a known fact that any iPhone is a premium device. But the price jump of the latest 12 Pro Max needs to be justified better. The price differential seems vast even if we consider the base model now has 128 GB against the previous 64 GB. 

Should you buy iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Oh yes! No matter the drawbacks, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a great deal. The 12 Pro Max has a battery camera and a decent battery life. It is also a great phone for those whose professional working involves the usage of the phone. It could be anything from the stellar display to a top-end professional-grade video recording. But to be honest, if you are using an iPhone that came in the last 1-2 years, it’s too early to upgrade to this one. It’s indeed the best time for those with older phones to get this one and enjoy the perks it offers.

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Harnil Oza

Harnil Oza

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