The Perfect 10th Generation 10.9″ iPad Cases

Not too long ago, Apple had an ad campaign for the iPad that said, “your next computer is not a computer.” And in fact, many people use an iPad for their mobile computing instead of a laptop. If that sounds like you, or something you are considering, you will probably need a case to protect your iPad.

Today, we take a look at a couple of case options, and we think one or both would be a perfect iPad companion.

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KingBlanc iPad 10th Generation Case

First up is the KingBlanc iPad 10th Generation Case is a great combination of style and function.

KingBlanc iPad 10th Generation Case - Front

The case is made of a faux leather with the front cover having a beautiful two-tone effect. When closed, the KingBlanc iPad 10th Generation Case looks like a leather journal or day planner.

KingBlanc iPad 10th Generation Case - Back

Inside is a plastic holder that holds the 10th Generation iPad in place and also has a slot for an Apple Pencil.

The interior of the front cover has several spots to rest the iPad in an upright position for viewing. You can also fold in the front cover to place the iPad in a typing position.

KingBlanc iPad 10th Generation Case - Open

The cover has a small tab with a magnetic flap to keep the cover closed for transport and also supports the automatic sleep and wake when you close or open the cover.

The case provides a perfect fit for the 10th Generation iPad including model #s: A2696, A2757 and A2777.

KingBlanc iPad 10th Generation Case - Black

We like the brown color. But if that is not your style, it is also available in a two-tone black version. Both provide the same great feature and is a perfect way to protect your iPad whether at home or on the road.

The KingBlanc iPad 10th Generation Case is available from Amazon here.

GreenLaw iPad 10th Generation Case with Keyboard

Many people were very disappointed when Apple discontinued the 11″ MacBook Air. Fortunately, over the years, the iPad has become a powerful device and for some people, is the only device they use. But for things like document creation, spreadsheets and email, using the on-screen keyboard can be a hassle. Adding the GreenLaw iPad 10th Generation Case with Keyboard to your iPad may be the closest thing to recreating the 11″ MacBook Pro.

GreenLaw iPad 10th Generation Case with Keyboard

In the box is the iPad case, a full keyboard with integrated trackpad, a USB-A to Micro USB cord to charge the keyboard and a User Guide.

The case itself is made of a vinyl type material that has a nice feel to it and is stain resistant and while you should never expose your iPad or the case to liquid exposure, the case does give a little protection from moisture. There is also an integrated slot to hold an Apple Pencil.

GreenLaw iPad 10th Generation Case with Keyboard - Interior

The 10th Generation iPad (the latest model), fits into the case perfectly and is able to be set in a position similar to a laptop screen.

Included with the case is the full keyboard which connects to the iPad via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection was quick and once connected, was very stable. I am not a touch typist but for me, the keys had a nice feel and the key action was good.

GreenLaw iPad 10th Generation Case with Keyboard - Keyboard

The keyboard has the ability to be connected to two (2) different devices at the same time and you can switch between them with a simple key combination. It also has a backlight and can be a choice of colors.

We especially like that the keyboard is easily removed from the cover. This allows for the screen to be set at a variety of viewing angles and you can move the keyboard on the case to a comfortable position. More important, the keyboard can be completely removed from the case so you can move the iPad to a different location, like for better viewing on a Zoom meeting, while still keeping the keyboard close to you. When done, the keyboard easily stores in the case, even with the iPad installed.

GreenLaw iPad 10th Generation Case with Keyboard - Open

Admittedly, the GreenLaw iPad 10th Generation Case with Keyboard is a bit more expensive than some other cases we have seen but you get what you pay for. The cover itself provides good protection for your iPad and the keyboard truly does make this as close to a laptop as you can get.

The GreenLaw iPad 10th Generation Case with Keyboard is available in a variety of colors from Amazon here.

The Bottom Line

There is no right or wrong case style for an iPad. Whether or not you  want a simple cover, or a case with an integrated keyboard depends on how you intend to use your iPad. For some people, they may want more than one.

Whatever group you fall into, it’s nice to know there are great options to make your iPad as useful as it can be.

Do you use an iPad instead of a laptop? What style case do you like best? Why not join the conversation and leave a comment below?

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