Top Apple-Compatible Smart Home Tech Apps and Devices

Americans are showing they are readier for smart homes than ever before, with the U.S. taking the lead in the home technology revolution. With over 12.7 million automation systems already in American homes and the industry enjoying a year-on-year growth rate of around 50%, more and more apps will be required to work synergetically with everything from lighting to heating systems. If your home is already up to scratch in the technological sense and you’d like to make the most of your systems, these Apple-compatible apps will make home life easy, practical, and significantly more appealing.

The Apple Home Kit App

This Apple-made app is a must for anyone whose home is filled with iPads, iPhones and all other things ‘i’. It is compatible with all your Apple devices – including iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks, so you can freely control various actions from whichever device you are most comfortable with. The app’s star feature is a smart home dashboard, which enables you to clearly identify the part of your home you wish to control. With just one tap, you can close all the curtains, turn the lights on, or ensure your heating is energy efficient mode. You can easily connect the app up to your smart home thermostat system, which can help minimize the cost of your monthly energy bills. Some smart thermostats are sold as part of a package which also contains smoke alarms and other systems which can also be controlled via your Apple devices.

iDevices Smart Light Switch with Built-In Alexa

iDevices has various Apple Home Kit-compatible devices that make home living a breeze. Instinct is a gorgeous smart switch that is ideal for those with a penchant for stark white, minimalistic home devices. By simply connecting the switch to your home Wi-Fi network, you will have a personal assistant that adds items to your shopping list, informs you of the latest news, and lets you know what the weather will be like over the next few days. Discrete, simple and boasting a screwless faceplate, it blends into the background seamlessly. It additionally offers high-performance sound, so you enjoy an optimal experience – whether you are listening to music or podcasts.

The Danalock Bluetooth Z-Lock App

Some of the most oft-requested smart home devices are centered on the subject of safety and security. This app boasts a layout that is super easy to use with your home security system. It provides real time monitoring of the state of your lock. It also unlocks the door as you approach the door and re-lock once you get on. It also sends your phone notifications everyone somebody opens or closes the door.

The Phillips Hue App

This easy-to-use lighting app allows you to control your Philips Hue lights and other Homekit- enabled items using Siri on your iPod touch, HomePod, iPhone, or iPad. With one command, you can control the lighting in just one or several rooms. You can create ‘scenes’, dim lights down to your chosen brightness levels, or command Siri to turn off the lights at a specific time (or turn them on when it’s time to wake up for work).

WeMo App

This handy app allows you to control your home appliances and electronics via your tablet or iPhone. Use it alongside the Belkin WeMo, which turns any appliance plugged into it, into a smart device. For instance, you can hook your coffee maker up to it and enjoy a piping hot cup of Java at a specific time every morning. You can control your lighting even if you are abroad. Choose the ‘random’ function so your lights switch on and off at different times of the day so it looks like you are home when you have gone on vacation. These days, feeling comfortable in a room with just the right of brightness is just as possible as turning your lights off an on from the opposite corner of the globe. Smart apps are making it easy to control who gets in and out, what time you are woken up, and when your music should start playing. A good idea to ensure you have the best that smart technology has to offer is to go for the Apple Home Kit App, whose handy dashboard enables you to quickly access the function you desire.

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