Top Apple Apps to Help You Learn Catalan, Welsh, and Corsican

Spanish may be the official language of Spain, English that of the UK and French that of Corsica, but there are sizable populations that speak Catalan, Welsh, and Corsican. Indeed, in Catalunya, language is one of the most important points involved in the issue of independence. Whether you are planning on visiting these areas or you have friends or family with whom you’d like to communicate more optimally, dedicated language apps can make the process considerably easier. You can easily view these apps on your iPad or smartphone or listen to lessons while commuting to and from work. These are just a few Apple-compatible apps that will make it just a little easier than you may have imagined.

Apps for Learning Catalan

If you plan on visiting Barcelona soon, impress shopkeepers and other locals with your knowledge of Catalan. The language is widely spoken and indeed, many prefer to use it in lieu of Spanish. One cool app to place in your arsenal is HelloTalk (get details here), which allows you to engage with other learners. Why is this app so important? Because it allows you to pose questions, not only about technical aspects of grammar and usage, but also about colloquial terms that may not be present in even the best books and literature.

If, like many learners, you are motivated by incorporating gaming into your studies, then Duolingo (get details here), will be up your street. It measures your progress and levels you up in accordance with your growing skills. This app brings out players’ competitive spirit, so challenge your best friend to a few matches to boost your own performance!

Honing Your Welsh Skills

If you have any plans of moving to Wales soon, learning Welsh will increase your chances of getting a job, making new friends, and appreciating the intricacy of Welsh art and craftsmanship. After all, the beauty of what you see around you – in museums, galleries etc. may contain Welsh messages and sayings that are worth comprehending. In addition to being a cultural pursuit, learning Welsh is fun and not impossibly difficult. It does have a few quirks (consonant mutations and a different verbal noun syntax) but also has many rewards.

One excellent free podcast series called “Say Something in Welsh” (get details here), is considered very useful by various learners. Top apps, meanwhile, include Duolingo and Learn Welsh. The latter starts at the very beginning, adding new lessons on a weekly basis so you never get bored. 

Dreaming of Corsica

You may be surprised to learn that there are a host of free resources to learn Corsican. These include free online dictionaries, podcasts, music, and more.

Cuntrasti is a site offering recorded audio readings featuring everyday, colloquial language. As for apps, you can start off by downloading Learn Corsican – EuroTalk from the Apple store (get details here). The app is intuitive – so much so that it can be used by adults and older children alike. The app is divided into various categories – including food, colors, numbers, shopping, time, etc. There is also a handy ‘phrases’ category which will enlighten you on sayings you may hear in your daily life in Corsica. The app also takes a games-based approach to learning, offering easy, hard, and memory-testing games to ensure you have learned all your lessons to perfection.

The Bottom Line

Catalan, Welsh, and Corsican are three beautiful languages that are vital to know if you are planning on spending a good amount of time Catalunya, Wales, or Corsica, respectively. Even if you just learn a few key phrases, numbers, and greetings, it will demonstrate your interest in the local language and culture. It will also form the basis of what will hopefully be a life-long learning process about your country of choice.

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Jacqueline Cowell

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