Top Plagiarism Checker apps for iPhone

It is an ethical responsibility of every writer to produce 100% original content. If you are writing an article and using some websites to gain idea, it doesn’t mean that you should copy information and use it in the original state. How can you deal with the issue of copied content in the best possible manner? Manual ways do not work well in this case and using a plagiarism checkeris the best way out. If you are an iPhone user, there are various apps you can use to detect copied content.  However, all of them are not highly efficient. Therefore, it is important to check how good an app is before you start using it.

The Best iPhone Apps for Plagiarism Checking You Should Consider

Here are the top rated iPhone apps for checking copied content.

1.     Plagly Plagiarism Checker

If you are looking for a decent plagiarism checking app for iPhone, this is one alternative that can be taken into account. It is simple to use and the time required for content checking is short. There are no paid versions and users can access all the features for free. From the user’s perspective, this is a good plus point. This free plagiarism checkeris meant for all user types including writers working on a professional scale. Blog writers have to check the uniqueness of the content prior to submission and a good app like this helps them. It is definitely a handy option for iPhone users.

2.     Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

This is a credible option for performing a plagiarism check. It is free to use and recommended due to the efficiency it has. If you are using an app, it should be completely dependable. If there are ten lines of plagiarized content and the app is detecting three of them, there is no point in using it. However, you can count on the accuracy that this one has. It performs an end to end check so that users do not have to face any kinds of problems.

  • Dealing with a complicated interface can be a problem for users. This app has straightforward options so you do not have to search a lot for options.  To start with, you need to create an account and complete a short registration process. No charges are applied on the users for performing this step. When the account is created, you can perform plagiarism checks on the required content.
  • A total of two uploading options are offered to the users. This app supports common document formats (PDF and DOC). If you have a file in one of them, it can be uploaded directly without extracting text. In other cases, you can copy the text from the actual file and paste it in the given text box.  Once you are done with uploading, click the “check plagiarism” button so that the process can be started. After that, the app round run through the content and perform a comparison with published information. If there are any similarities, they would be indicated. After that, you need to rephrase the highlighted areas and repeat the checking process.
  • This app is not mean for a specific category of users and anyone working on a writing submission can use it. If you are a student who has to produce an original assignment, download this app and get the content scanned. It is a quick option and unlike manual checking, there is no need to sacrifice lots of time. Similarly, professional writers who have to deliver scratch developed articles can also consider it. There is no need to double check any part of the content since the app is highly dependable. It has a huge user count which continues to increase.

3.     Grade Proof plagiarism checker

In terms of user preferences, this app is used mostly by students who have to check their end term assignments or daily submissions. It is 100% free and there are no restrictions that users need to go through.

  • The user interface is simple so it can be adapted quickly. It is not an app with a complex interface that can be used by tech savvy people only. Users do get concerned about the time an app requires to complete plagiarism checking. It is obvious that no one prefers slow apps. This option is quite quick and in few minutes the content originality status is revealed. Therefore even if you are working with a tight timeline and the
  • Has to be performed at the last moment, this app would suit you.

Why is a Good Plagiarism Checking App Absolutely Necessary?

Plagiarism is not something that gets easily forgiven. Suppose that you are a college student who has unintentionally submitted a copied paper. Once this is detected, the most severe actions would be applied against you including the possibility of getting rusticated. A good iPhone plagiarism checking app can save you from this trouble. You cannot expect a reliable smart phone application to make mistakes due to attention lapse like humans. Therefore, you can afford to eliminate doubts from your mind about errors getting ignored. A good app would take maximum few minutes to check content so spending long time slots should not be a worrying factor as well.

The Bottom Line

Plagiarism can obviously have dreadful effects on the reputation of a student or writer. If you are a professional blog writer, people would not trust your content any more. The rating of your blog would touch rock bottom since Google has very strict anti-plagiarism policies. Thus, taking any chance is not wise thinking. It is obviously hard to run through so much content particularly if less time is available on your hands. Using a good iPhone app to perform plagiarism check is time efficient and accurate. Writers do not have to read each line and match it with original source. With this technological option, they can focus on improving the quality of content by surveying more resources instead of worrying about plagiarism.

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