All New Awe-Inspiring Features Of iOS 15 That Will Blow Your Mind

Apple, the leading smartphone manufacturer in the world, has always been keen on providing elevating and game-changing techniques and innovations to its users around the globe. And with their new Operating System, i.e., iOS 15, users will now get great enablement for their on-the-go use with exciting features that this OS has to offer.

From improvements added in FaceTime, Maps to Do Not Disturb alteration. The new OS iOS 15 offers a great many features that are still hidden for users and would be of incredible help once they know about them.

So, with a strong desire to inform our readers with continuous advancements being made in Apple’s ecosystem, here I present the 5 game-changing features that will certainly enhance your experience while using Apple.

Stay Focused With ‘Do Not Disturb

The iOS users have been using the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature for quite a long time. The primary reason is that it doesn’t interrupt you while you’re taking naps or when you’re in a meeting. But now, this ‘Do Not Disturb’ has been replaced with Focus that automatically silences a user’s phone or tablet to help limit interruptions during meetings and sometimes when you can’t attend to your phone.

Moreover, the development teams have also added more centric options in this feature to give access to the users for different actions that can be result-driven for them. This means that automatic sync is completely enabled with whatever devices you use, such as Apple Watch, iPad, iTV, or Mac. The Dubai app developers can implement a new Status API for third-party messaging in apps to reflect a Focus status for the users.

FaceTime Enhancements

Special changes and enhancements have been made in FaceTime by enabling spatial audio to get the voices and sounds from exactly where the person is located. Here the development teams of Apple have elevated their past strategies to integrate new microphone modes to separate users’ voices from the background noises that might become problematic.

What’s more, the advancements in FaceTime also enable features such as ‘Portrait Mode’ for video calls, which certainly enhances the user experience. This feature also lets the users blur themselves from the background to focus on themselves while video communicating.

Moreover, for the group calls, meetings, or conferences that are virtually set up. FaceTime gives participants great enablement to take advantage of the grid view and take more faces simultaneously. This gives an optimal control for the back Camera as well.

Interactive Maps

The integrated maps in any Apple device have now been changed for an exemplary user interface and overall experience. The new enhanced feature of maps offers an intuitive global view and details for elevating the experience of the users. The new 3D view of cities and streets gives an excellent experience to the users.

With this new interactive feature of maps, the display of different neighborhoods, districts, buildings, streets, and other attractions has become incredibly appealing and accessible. Different road colors have been enhanced, landmarks have been prominently added, and night-mode and daylight mode has been enabled for providing users with a great experience.

Furthermore, the maps’ new elevation also offers a 3D city driving experience of different lanes for cars, bikes, and other vehicles. Plus, new pedestrian crosswalks for users have been highlighted so that users can get a perfect sense of understanding while commuting.

Modifications In Apple Wallet

With the advent of iOS 15, the Apple wallet also becomes enhanced, offering several additional support for the users. These advancements in support extend to office, corporate, hotel room, and several key cards.

What’s more, the wallet app in iOS integrated devices is also expanding its horizons to advance with car keys to offer locking and unlocking of your car to extend its services to offer a better user experience.

Moreover, the advanced spatial awareness that is well-integrated within the app also offers users a good reminder that doesn’t let them lock their car when their iPhone or other iOS devices is inside the car. In addition, the services also extend to cater the user accessibility by enabling them to open their trunk and preheat their car by just making some clicks in the app.

Elevate Experience With SharePlay

SharePlay is relatively a new feature that allows users to share different users while they are communicating with each other through FaceTime calls. Through this new feature, sharing of media like TV shows, movies, and various types of Apple Music songs has become fairly easier.

Whatever media you select while communicating with each other will be automatically synced and played to keep the experience high and users intact. It also offers playback controls so that anyone can pause, play, or skip the meanwhile shared music.

Taking more about SharePlay, it also offers users high-class access to control and use different applications while using SharePlay. Some have approved this feature of the leading third-parties apps like Paramount+, HBO Max, MasterClass, Disney+, ESPN+, etc., and these external brands are also integrating SharePlay to facilitate the users upon using their apps.

Scan Text With iPhone’s Camera

How often do we feel the lacking of not having an integrated app of software that can scan any document or text for us without any hassle? Well, this has now been resolved, with iOS 15 being in the market.

The new feature of iOS 15 allows the users to ‘scan text’ using a tool. All one needs to do is simply long-press inside a text field as if you’re going to use the copy and paste option. And this is when you’ll see the scan text option. There might be a scan icon option that helps you copy any text or logo without any hassle of downloading an app from the App Store.

Undoubtedly, it is a simple and clear step that offers accessibility to the users from copying the exact text from anywhere in the world.

The Bottom Line

Although tons of other features have been introduced in the iOS 15 operating system like finding my iPhone, resetting it, control over app notifications, text sizes in specific apps, photos options, drag and drop between apps, emoji enhancement, and great privacy settings.

The iOS 15 has really been the talk of the town Apple users. So, if you haven’t tried these cool features of Apple’s new operating system, you should, as it gives a completely new experience.

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