Apple Media Event – “There’s more in the making.”

Earlier today, Apple sent out media invitations for a second major 2018 event. The event, titled, “There’s more in the making.” is expected to focus on products not introduced at the September “Gather round” event which introduced the 2018 iPhone lineup.

While we generally don’t discuss product rumors, many Apple products are long overdue for upgrades and there has been a fair amount of discussion about what to expect at this event.

Here are what many industry insiders expect to see on October 30th.

iPad Pro

It’s expected that a new iPad Pro will adopt the same full-screen design as the iPhone X with elimination of the Home button to be replaced with facial recognition.  While the new latest iPhone XS and XS Max have OLED displays, it is thought that using a similar screen on an iPad Pro would be cost prohibitive.


When Apple introduced the current MacBook, with the 12” display, in 2015, there was always a question of whether the MacBook Air would survive.  While the current MacBook Air received a minor component update in June 2017, it hasn’t substantially changed in quite a while. But with a starting price of $999, the MacBook Air remains Apple’s most affordable laptop.

With rumors that Apple will introduce a new low-cost laptop with a Retina display, we’ll have to see if this is a new MacBook Air or its fairwell.

Mac Mini

The Mac Mini hasn’t been updated since October 2014 and like the MacBook Air, many people are wondering whether it has a future.  With a current starting price of just $499, it remains the most economical Mac and for many people switching from a PC, is a great way to enter the Apple family.  While there is nothing to indicate a major redesign, many are hoping for a much-needed update of internal components without a major increase in price.

Mac Pro

In December 2017, Apple released the current version of the Mac Pro.  Many people were disappointed with its design, especially considering it was the first major update in almost 4 years.  Earlier this year, Apple announced that it was working on a new modular design for the Mac Pro.  While it is not scheduled for release until 2019, perhaps Apple is far enough along in the design to provide a “sneak peek” about the next generation Mac Pro.

The Bottom Line

All of this is, of course, speculation and no one really knows what to expect at the upcoming event.  One thing is clear.  Apple fans have been patiently waiting for upgrades to the Mac for a while and expectations are high that the upcoming media event is the one they have been waiting for.

The “There’s more in the making.” media event will kick-off at 10:00 AM, Eastern Time on October 30th, 2018 in the Harold Gilman Opera House ant the Brooklyn Academy of Music, in Brooklyn, New York.

Are you one of the Apple fans waiting to up your existing Apple hardware?  What are you hoping to see introduced on October 30th?  Why not joint the conversation and add your comment below.

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