Best Apps on the App Store for Wine Lovers

The digital age has enabled wine lovers from across the globe to hone their knowledge of some of the most renowned, iconic, and ‘secret treasure’ wines from across the globe. The Vivino app, for instance, has an impressive 50 million viewers, who can carry out a host of actions on the app—including scanning, rating, and buying wine, and receiving unbiased reviews. No longer do wine lovers have to purchase expensive publications or rely on one jury to work out whether a bottle hits its mark or not. With literally thousands of review and comments for a plethora of wines, it is easier to find the perfect bottle for your next dinner party or home wine-tasting session. Below are just a few apps that are worth installing.

Best Apps on the App Store for Wine Lovers - Feature

Vivino: For Engaging With Fellow Wine Enthusiasts

Many gourmets are subscribed to clubs to receive reviews and learn about wine from different countries across the globe. Every year, prestigious competitions and tastings are taking place across the globe, in a bevy of categories—including organic, premium, and vegan categories. If you enjoy being surprised with the wines you receive, and like to share your discoveries with other wine lovers, then Vivino is a must. You can also use the app to scan bottles and instantly read up on the latest opinions and find out where you can buy specific wines closest to you.

Drizly: Speed is Everything

Imagine throwing an ad hoc party and not having the right wine to go with your cheese tray or meal. This worry is a thing of the past with Drizly, an app that enables you to have your chosen bottles delivered to your home within an hour. The app also provides a host of beers and liquors, so you can concentrate on wine during your meal and on cocktails after-hours!

Decanter’s Know Your Wine: For Those Wishing to Learn About Wine

If you are new to the wine game, and you’d like to learn more about topics such as grape varieties, wine regions, and the process of wine making, then Decanter’s Know Your Wine is a great place to start. The app contains dedicated modules you can study when you have free time. It also offers quizzes on everything from the specific temperatures of growing seasons to the flavors of particular grapes.

Hello Vino: Host Memorable Food Pairing Events

If dinner parties rock your world, then Hello Vino should definitely be on your top list of most-used apps. It provides users with food and wine parings and has niche categories for experienced noses. You can find perfect bottles for the food you are serving easily. Feel free to search by dish, ingredients, or occasion, whether you are serving traditional or avant-garde cuisine.

The Bottom Line

Wine apps are a magnificent way to hone your knowledge of wine and receive choice bottles at your home. Whether you simply want to read about the process of making wine or you wish to host a food pairing evening, your chosen apps will make the process so much easier. Through these apps, you can access opinions and reviews from newbies and seasoned professionals alike.

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