A Complete Checklist For iOS Mobile App Development

Mobile app development companies strive to deliver the best mobile apps to their clients and end-users by using the latest technologies and building interactive apps. App developers are doing their best to provide feature-rich and engaging UI to the users using the best tools & frameworks that suit that specific app. 

However, it’s just not enough to understand your app’s development & design phase to create a successful mobile app. It takes building the app from scratch in a planned and structured manner that ultimately helps you succeed in the market.

The way the world is leveraging the digital platform has changed everything drastically. As per sources, over 75% of the population is now using mobile phones, with more than 5 billion unique app users in the world. Terrific, isn’t it?

No doubt Android exceeds the user numbers than iOS, but iOS is catching up pretty quick. And we can’t deny the fact that iOS is looked upon as a premium mobile app brand that certainly is catching users’ eyes. 

It might seem like a tough task to build an incredible app, but in reality, it’s just a structured process that you need to follow to ensure success for your app. Hence, in this article, we are going to list all the steps that are vital to building an innovative and best-performing iOS app. 

App development follows the same cycle as any other software product such as:

Market Research

Understanding the Target Audience

Choosing the Top iOS App Development Company

App Design 

App Development 

App Testing

App Launch

Market Research

So, you have a wonderful app idea for your business; what’s next? Will your app be valuable for the users? How is it unique from your competitors? What problems will your mobile app solve, and how will it engage the users? 

You have to conduct a thorough research about the app type that you wish to develop because there might be tons of similar apps in the market which might have been a complete failure or a success, and you definitely want to know where they went wrong and what they did right.

Understanding the Target Audience

Once you have conducted detailed research, the next that comes into the picture is understanding your target audience. Ask yourself the below mentioned questions to ensure that you have everything covered to develop an app that would match their taste:

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  • Who is your Main audience? (Age, location, interests, gender, demographics, etc.)
  • What problems your target group is facing?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Get informed about your competitors’ strengths & weaknesses.
  • How To make money from your app?

These are a few questions that you need to ask yourself and discuss with your team so that together you can build an app that accomplishes your organization’s goals. 

Choosing the Top iOS App Development Company

Of course, this can’t go without saying that you must have an ace app development team to develop an innovative and highly-efficient app for your business. Before hiring a mobile app development company, just make sure to do a thorough background check and look into their portfolio to get an idea of their deliverables. Having an in-house team would definitely give your app more attention, but you would end up spending much more given the infrastructure and utilities. 

App Design

After understanding your target audience and outsourcing the top app development company for your organization, you should begin with the app design process. 

  • Create a prototype that exhibits your mobile app’s primary concepts. Begin with wireframing & blueprints that show how to use the solution. 

  • While creating the prototypes, the mobile app designers will work close-knit with UI/UX designers to improve the engagement between all graphic user-interface elements for a better user experience. 

  • Your app designing team must focus on building visual elements such as mobile app buttons, text, icons, navigation layout, and much more. 

App Development

This is the stage where your app development team will begin with the front-end and back-end development of your app. 

  • iOS renders a huge number of 3rd-party libraries & frameworks to make app developer life easier, starting from customized animations to enhanced networking to reduce their development time and offering better tools for quick implementations for various features. 

  • Although iOS is pretty safe when compared to Android, it’s always good to ensure better security in a world where cyber threats are increasing each day. To weather security challenges, protect your mobile app with various features like custom encoding, SSL pinning, and keychain API. 
  • Use the best technology frameworks for your iOS mobile app, such as Swift, Objective-C, Flutter, Ionic, React Native. 

App Testing

App testing avoids any potential risk or issue before it arises. Make sure to get your app tested before launching it in the market. There are several testing methods available for your specific app type. 

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To eliminate any possibility of user complaints and errors, ensure your app supports various iOS devices and versions. Remember first impression is the last , and you don’t want your user abandoning your app over a minor glitch that could have been fixed in a few hours.

App Launch

  • Finally, your app is almost there after finishing all the necessary formalities. Ensure that it fulfills the submission guidelines before you submit it to the Apple Store.
  • After reviewing the Apple Store guidelines, submit your app. And remember to add a brief, yet captivating description with a few app screens. 
  • Now, market your app while it releases to reach more audiences. Keep in mind that your app will only be used if it is actually known. Hence, make sure to promote it across all the digital platforms and create a buzz about it.

The Bottom Line

We have handed over the whole checklist to build a quality iOS app for your business. Now the ball is in your court about how you go through with it. However, don’t let impulse drive your decisions, planning is always required to give an impactful result. Therefore, make your decisions wisely!

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Vincent Martinot

Vincent Martinot is a technology writer and managing director at EurecaApps – one of the leading app development companies helping businesses in developing mobile applications. Having spent many years in the IT field, his passion for creating various technological advancements motivates him to write articles on different aspects of app development.

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