Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone

Belkin International has introduced the Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone. Belkin says this is the first charging unit to incorporate an iPhone charging station and an Apple Watch charger all in one device.

The Specifications

The matte aluminum base of the unit measures 5.28” wide, 3.47 inches deep and .73 inches tall. A solid cast “T” shaped arm mounted has a nice chrome finish and is mounted on the left side of the base. It supports the iPhone as well as act as the mounting bracket for the magnetic charging disc used by the Apple Watch. The distance from the bottom of the base to the top edge of the disc is 4.3”.

There is a small wheel on the rear of the base that allows you to adjust the height of the lightning connector. This is a nice feature which should allow users to charge their phone while still in the case. Of course, since case design varies greatly, you’ll have to see if your particular case can be accommodated.

There is also a soft pad embedded in the base, around the lightening connector which provides some added protection to the iPhone.

The unit has a 1.5M/4.9Ft AC cord, which should be long enough for most locations but should certainly be easy enough to extend with a standard extension cord.

Made for Apple Watch

Made for Apple Watch

The package Includes:

  • Apple Watch Magnetic Charger
  • Dock with Lightning Connector
  • Power Supply
  • Watch Band Support

The Watch Band Support is intended to provide additional support when an Apple Watch has a metal band and thus extra weight which might otherwise cause it to dislodge from the charging disc.

The unit supports all models of the Apple Watch as well as all iPhones from the 5 up to the latest 6 and 6 Plus. We expect it also supports the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and that Belkin just hasn’t gotten around to updating their web site yet.

The Bottom Line

As a charging stand this provides a nice option for less clutter and less cables. That said, one of the major features of the Apple Watch is what is known as “Nightstand Mode” which requires the watch to be on its side to operate. While Belkin’s site states: “Elevates Apple Watch safely above surface”, placing the Apple Watch on the Belkin Charging Dock prevents that from happening and thus defeats the “Nightstand Mode” feature. If you consider that most people will want to charge their watch and phone while they sleep, this seems like a major drawback to the design of the unit.

The Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone retails for $129.99 which seems like a lot but if you consider that it replaces two separate units, it’s not all that expensive.

The Belkin Charging Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone is available from the Belkin web site

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