Empower Your Learning: Discovering the Perfect Tutor with Apple Apps

“Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students.” Charles Kuralt

Do you have a child or student who requires extra help due to their education or maybe you want to take their knowledge of a certain subject further? No matter the purpose, there are now plenty of apps that can connect you with private tutors easily and quickly from the convenience of your device. Apple devices have some great options available for people looking for quality one-on-one teaching – here’s what three of them offer.

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 How Wyzant Connects Students with Tutors

 Wyzant app offers the opportunity to connect instantly with expert tutors for in-person or online lessons – whatever suits your learning style and schedule. Wyzant highlights on its website that the most notable aspect of its app is its seamless interface that allows students to compare teachers based upon things, such as ratings given by other students, tutors’ background qualifications, pricing structures and more. The chat feature within the Wyzant app allows you to connect to your tutors 24/7 enabling them to ask questions without any waiting time. Progress tracking provides another worthy mention included within this ingenious application. This progress tracking feature provides access to both lesson summaries and messages providing improved clarity on where one stands educationally, and what they might need to focus on more. One last thing worth mentioning is regarding payments. Keeping transparency at heart, the app charges a 9% service fee per lesson – thereby promoting financial planning for families, too.

Discovering the Perfect Tutor 

Knack is an App that stands firm on enhancing the student experience by offering tutoring resources, their modules adhere to guidelines set by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). They state on their website that this bridges gaps between students who need help in understanding their coursework better and on top of this, it also offers valuable employment opportunities for peer tutors within their partner institutions. When your peers become your teachers, learning becomes relatable and fun, plus, the knowledge shared comes from someone who speaks your language – an approach that significantly enriches the overall learning experience. An impressive example of Knack’s utility can be seen at Kennesaw State University’s Coles College of Business, where they launched their Knack peer tutoring program in 2021, improving its reach over Fall 2022 across all business school courses. Students’ reception was positive with plenty finding value in leveraging this unique resource developed just for them.

Using Ostaz to Find the Right Tutor

Ostaz delivers an Uber-like experience that offers effective personalized tutor-student matching features for everyone’s learning requirements. Techround states that the focus of the platform lies in ensuring top quality education through thorough vetting and continuous monitoring of tutors. Ostaz proved to be popular among learners globally, with over 43,000 students using its services so far. It has also supported the successful completion of almost 65,000 tutoring hours globally while spanning across multiple curricula such as British GCSEs, A levels, French ones, International Baccalaureate programs and American courses along with certain Saudi, Egyptian and Lebanese curriculum too. The app effectively carried out these services within North Africa and the Middle East by leveraging strategic alliances with top educational bodies there. Looking ahead though, aims are set on wider global expansion using Inspired’s worldly presence.

 Assessing Suitability and Safety in Private Tutoring

 Firstly, an interview should be initiated with potential educators. Pile up questions regarding their qualifications and work experience for this important talk. Safeguardingchildren explains that Requesting authentic personal references can add credibility to their claims, which must be validated by directly contacting the relevant agencies. Secondly, turning a discerning eye towards original qualification certificates can significantly enhance trust in a prospective tutor’s academic prowess– all credentials must stand recognised and legitimate. Additionally, carefully examining curriculum vitae and employment records opens insights into career gaps if any exist; they may have plausible explanations but demand prudence on your part – request tangible evidence for reassurances. Individuals should pay heed to other aspects, too like supervising whoever is tutoring your children, adhering Health and Safety regulations alongside respecting Employment rights for seamless experiences.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to finding someone suitable enough to tutor a child or adult, safety must come first. You should always perform the relevant checks prior to working with them to make sure that any prospective tutors are suitable, competent and safe for your child, as well as ask them about their experience in order to be confident in their abilities. Through these popular Apple apps – Wyzant – Find A Tutor, Knack and Ostaz app – finding an effective tutor is easier than ever before. Ensure thorough research on those shortlisted candidates final selection, so that they can reap maximum benefit from this learning opportunity.

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