HUDWAY Leads the Charge for Safer and Smarter Driving with Introduction of HUDWAY DRIVE Heads-Up Display

Users can experience premium navigation features with HUDWAY’s heads-up display, a safer and smarter way to check for directions and receive calls and texts while keeping both eyes on the roadUsers can experience premium navigation features with HUDWAY’s heads-up display, a safer and smarter way to check for directions and receive calls and texts while keeping both eyes on the road

HUDWAY, a leading provider of heads-up displays for safer and smarter driving, today announced HUDWAY DRIVE, a heads-up display that is being funded on StartEngine with a goal of $10k-$1.07M. HUDWAY DRIVE adds premium navigation features to all cars, providing drivers with a safe and smart way to receive directions, calls and texts while keeping both eyes on the road. Connecting through Bluetooth to any Apple or Android device, drivers can view directions, notifications, texts and calls directly in their line of sight, or choose another type of wireless connection to mirror any their favorite apps to the heads-up display. While minimum pledges start at $250, anyone investing $1,000 on HUDWAY’s StartEngine campaign will receive the device for free. Shipping will start in August 2019


“Every second your eyes aren’t focused on the road increases the likelihood of an accident. Driving with mounted phones might seem safer, but they still block your view and force you to look away from the road. With HUDWAY DRIVE, you can easily access vital driving info without disrupting your line of vision,” says Ivan Klabukov, co-founder and CEO, HUDWAY. “Fighter pilots have been using heads-up displays for decades to safely navigate the skies, and our goal is to provide drivers with a safe, affordable aftermarket option to easily navigate the roads the same way.”

Additional HUDWAY DRIVE Features:

  • Compatible with any navigation app including Waze and Google Maps
  • Mirrors smartphone’s screen, simplifying the user experience and eliminating the need to learn a new platform or interface
  • Customizable widgets allow users to select between different projections of the vehicle’s performance statistics
  • Light sensor automatically adjusts display brightness for optimal visibility in any weather condition
  • With a resolution of 480 x 240 on a 6.3” display, making it easy to view the road and navigate simultaneously
  • Transparent lens blends with car’s windshield to keep drivers focused on the road ahead
  • Displays phone calls, messages and other notifications on-screen to avoid distracted driving
  • Plugs into the vehicle’s low voltage accessory socket for easy and intuitive setup
  • Interacts with any app through the smartphones’ voice control in the driver’s preferred language
  • New mounting system provides flexibility and portability, featuring an adjustable mount that works on all dashboards
  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices
HudwayDrive Unit


HUDWAY is a California-based startup reinventing the driving experience with its aftermarket head-up displays. Inspired by aviation technology, HUDWAY’s products provide a safer way to get directions, calls and texts without taking your eyes off the road. Vital driving information is cast directly in your line of sight, helping reduce distractions behind the wheel. HUDWAY aims to provide an affordable, smarter driving experience to drivers around the world. For more information, visit

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