Introducing the iStorage datAshur SD

The world’s first and only PIN authenticated hardware encrypted USB flash drive with removable iStorage microSD Cards

iStorage, the award winning and trusted global leader of PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted data storage and cloud encryption solutions, is delighted to unveil the future of data security with the launch of yet another ground-breaking product.

The datAshur SD is the world’s first and only PIN authenticated hardware encrypted USB flash drive to incorporate removable microSD Cards.

Rather than the classic USB flash-drive design of incorporating fixed memory, the brand new datAshur SD is uniquely designed with an integrated microSD Card slot which enables consumers to use one drive with as many iStorage microSD Cards, in varying capacities, as required, ultimately offering a unique, ultra-secure and cost-effective data storage solution to securely share and scale unlimited encrypted data.

iStorage datAshur SD

Alongside the datAshur SD is the patented iStorage datAshur SD KeyWriter application which allows users to clone as many drives as required with the same encrypted encryption key, thereby enabling secondary drives to be cloned as backups, and enables organisations to share encrypted iStorage microSD Cards with as many authorised users of cloned datAshur SD drives as required, without compromising on data security.

For the ultimate in data security, users can keep their iStorage microSD Cards stored in a different location to the datAshur SD drive, as this will render any attempt to hack your data as virtually impossible, as access will be needed to both the datAshur SD which stores the encrypted encryption key, and the iStorage microSD Card which stores the encrypted data.

All data stored on the datAshur SD is encrypted to the highest standards that iStorage are renowned for. The iStorage datAshur SD encrypts all data using a FIPS PUB 197 AES 256-bit validated encryption algorithm and is secured to military standards. In addition, the datAshur SD drive is the first and only USB flash drive alongside the iStorage datAshur PRO2 to incorporate a Common Criteria EAL5+ certified secure microprocessor, and has a FIPS 140-3 Level 3 compliant, tamper proof and evident design.

The datAshur SD is IP68 certified with a protective sleeve and housing made of ruggedised extruded aluminium, meaning the drive is deemed fit enough to withstand dust, dirt, sand and will survive being submerged in 1.5m of water for 30 minutes, and can withstand the weight of a 2.7-ton vehicle.

Commenting on the launch of the datAshur SD, iStorage CEO, John Michael, notes “As we have seen, there has been an exponential rise of cyber-attacks over the past two years which has been exacerbated by the way in which data is shared within the workplace. We are therefore delighted to provide an easy to use, scalable and economically viable solution to the market which not only offers customers the opportunity to securely encrypt an unlimited amount of data, but also provides organisations the opportunity to securely collaborate and share data without compromising data security”.

Key Features

  • Easy to use – simply insert the iStorage microSD card into the datAshur SD microSD Card Slot and enter a unique 8–64-digit PIN to authenticate the drive, then use as a normal USB flash-drive.
  • Economically scalable data storage – use as many iStorage microSD cards in the desired capacity allowing the user to quickly, easily and economically expand data storage needs as and when required.
  • Share encrypted iStorage microSD Cards with multiple users – use the iStorage datAshur SD KeyWriter application to clone as many drives as required with the same encrypted encryption key.
  • OS & platform independent – works on any host and embedded systems with no software required.
  • Dust and water resistant – IP68 Certified.
  • Unlimited Capacity – Enables users to use one datAshur SD drive with as many iStorage microSD cards as required.
  • Superspeed USB 3.2 (Generation 1) – Backward compatible with older USB ports.
  • Independent Admin & User PINs – Easily configure independent Admin and User PINs making it perfect for corporate and government deployment.
  • Immune to Bad USB – Both the USB Crypto chip and Secure Microprocessor incorporate digitally signed flash lock mechanisms making the datAshur SD immune to Bad USB.
  • USB type-C flash drive – datAshur SD package includes a type C to type A adapter.

The datAshur SD is priced at £69, with the iStorage microSD Cards ranging in capacities from 32GB-1TB with prices starting from £25. The datAshur SD is available to pre-order now with an anticipated shipping date of 29th November 2021.

Do you want to give the datAshur SD a try without any financial obligation? iStorage offer a free 30-day evaluation for all data storage solutions, simply fill out a form on their website:

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