iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C – PIN Authenticated, Hardware Encrypted USB-C Flash Drive

Way back in 2017, we introduced you to the DATASHUR PRO (read our review here) a hardware encrypted flash drive that provided ultimate protection for your data. Since then, we have reviewed quite a few other iStorage products. (see our complete list here).

With the exception of the DATASHUR SD (read our review here), we have always had the same, albeit minor complaint. Most of the iStorage flash drives came with a USB-A connection. As Mac users, most of us have only USB-C ports on our portable Macs. That meant that you needed to use a USB-A to USB-C adapter. While not a big deal, it was one more thing that we needed to carry with us when we traveled.

That is no longer an issue. As we reported in June of this year, the folks at iStorage have introduced the iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C. It’s got all the data protection you expect from iStorage with a built-in USB-C plug on the end. Now, Mac users can enjoy all the benefits or portable data protection without the need to have an adapter to attach it to your Mac.

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USB-C Plug  standardNone
USB-A adapter included 
Capacity up to 512GB 

iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C – Unboxing

If you are already familiar with iStorage products, or have read any of our previous reviews, you know that iStorage takes data protection very seriously. That even includes the packaging.

iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C - Security Seals

Both the top and bottom flaps of the box are sealed with security tape. If you receive the package with the tape open, you know that someone has been in the package before you.

We have tried many different ways to remove the tape to avoid having it look like it was tampered with, and have never been successful.

That is not to say that if the tape has been cut there is a problem with the device. Many times, a corporate IT department will need to provision the drive with an initial password or pre-load specific files onto the drive. But a user would know that ahead of time.

iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C - Contents

Once you get past the security tape and open the box, you will find the iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C drive, a protective cover, a Quick Start Guide and a USB-C to USB-A adapter.

While we appreciate the native USB-C support, we also recognize that many times, Mac users may need to exchange data with someone who has an older Mac with USB-A, or heaven forbid, a PC user. It’s a nice touch that iStorage included the USB-A adapter.

iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C - vs Original DataPro

The iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C has a slightly brighter blue color and the obvious USB-C plug. Other than that, the units look identical.

iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C – Specifications

The size, weight and shape of the iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C is identical to the original DATASHUR Pro. At 78mm long x 18mm wide x 8 mm deep, and weighing just 25 grams, it is easy to slip into a pocket or purse for easy transport. Like the original DATASHUR PRO, this newer model also has a ring on the end so you can clip it onto a hook.

Like all iStorage products, this is a serious piece of hardware with a single purpose of storing and transporting sensitive data that you want to protect from curious eyes.

The iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C uses AES-XTS 256-bit full disk hardware encryption, and is billed as the world’s first and only USB flash drive pending the new FIPS 140-3 Level 3 certification.

As if that wasn’t enough, the iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C has all of the same security features that you would expect including;

  • Tamper proof and tamper evidend design
  • Brute force hack defense mechanism
  • Unattended auto-lock feature
  • Auto-lock on removal
  • Drive reset feature
  • Independent Admin and User PINS
  • Bootable drive feature
  • Immune to BadUSB

Unlike some of the earlier iStorage products, the iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C does not come with a preinstalled PIN number. In fact, as the User Guide explains, before you can use the drive, you must create a PIN. To ensure a great security product is not compromised by a weak PIN, iStorage requires a PIN that meets these basic requirements;

  • Must be 8-15 digits in length
  • Must not contain only repetitive numbers
  • Must not contain only consecutive numbers

Like a phone keypad, there are letters corresponding to the numbers so your PIN can be a combination of letters and numbers or just words.

Once the PIN is created, the iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C operates just like any other flash drive.

iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C – Test Results

The iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C contains a 3.7V Latium-polymer rechargeable battery and iStorage recommends charging the drive in any powered USB-C port before creating the initial PIN.

Because of the internal battery, you are able to set the initial PIN and then unlock the drive for use, without having it connected to a USB-C port on your computer. This is a big benefit since it is easier to press the keys while it is untethered to a computer.

We’re not going to share the process to create an initial PIN, even though knowing it does not compromise the drives security. Suffice it to say that the process is quick and easy and well explained in the User Guide.

Once the PIN is created, you merely Press the KEY button on the drive once. A red LED will blink. Enter the PIN and press the KEY button again. The red LED will switch to a solid green LED, indicating that you have 30-seconds to connect the drive to a powered port on your computer. computer. If you wait longer than that, the drive locks itself and you must enter the PIN again.

Once you have access to the drive, you will find a detailed User Manual preloaded. If you would like to learn more about all that the iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C can do, you can review the complete User Manual on the iStorage site here.

Other than that, you use the iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C like any other flash drive. Copying files to and from the drive are seamless.

The Bottom Line

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear about some new data breach or other data security issue. While we can’t stop all of those problems, we can all do our part to protect the data that is most important to us.

The iStorage DATASHUR Flash Drive series offers a wide variety of styles. They all offer the same level of protection that prevents the data from being seen without knowing the code you created to secure the drive. As the folks at iStorage say, “Without the PIN, there’s no way in.”

Now, folks who use a new Mac that has only USB-C ports can have all the benefits that the DATASHUR Flash Drive offers, without needing an adapter to connect to your Mac, thanks to the iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C.

The iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C comes in a variety of storage sizes from 32GB up to 512GB. All iStorage DATASHUR PRO+C drives come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

You can learn more about the DATASHUR PRO+C on the iStorage web site here.

You can find the DATASHUR PRO+C on Amazon here.

We would like to thank the folks at iStorage for providing the DATASHUR PRO+C for our testing and review.

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