Keep Your Home Pristine and Tidy With These iOS Cleaning and Organization Apps

Keeping a home clean and orderly ensures a safe and healthy environment for everyone living in it. Unfortunately, most people find it difficult to clean since it’s a chore that requires time and effort. Meanwhile, others aren’t aware of the proper techniques to tidy and sanitize their home. As a result, most homeowners are putting off cleaning as long as they can, and a new poll reveals that 52 percent of Americans have gone a month without cleaning their home, while 1 in 10 admit that they’ve gone six months without cleaning at all. 

Keeping your home in good working order is essential to your happiness and wellbeing. Though it can be challenging to keep your living spaces pristine, there are apps that can help to make cleaning easier, as well as apps that will remind you to stay on top of your chores. Check out these Apple apps to keep your home clean and tidy.


If you’ve always used an old-fashioned to-do list to keep track of your household chores, consider switching to Tody. Using this app, you can create a customized cleaning plan for your home by making a list of recurring chores for each room. For instance, you can set an ‘organizing the closet’ chore once every six weeks. Then every six weeks, you’ll receive a notification reminding you to do that chore. With this feature, you can input your preferred number of days, weeks, or months between cleanings, so it’s perfect not just for homeowners, but also for entrepreneurs who want to keep their business premises spotless. For instance, if you’re a shop or cafe owner who wants to use the app to stay on top of lower frequency tasks such as ceiling cleaning and maintenance, you can schedule a quarterly reminder for it so you’ll know when to call in professional ceiling cleaners to do the job.


For families or people who live with roommates, you’ll be happy to know that Tody comes with a feature that lets you assign chores to everybody. The app also allows you to create basic, custom, and special tasks so you can assign them to any space or room in your home, enabling you to break down chores in a more manageable way. As an added incentive to clean, Tody also gives you a visualization of what a properly cleaned room in your home will look like after completing a task, so it’s perfect for those who are prone to procrastination or people who want a virtual nudge to get them started on their chores. Tody is free from the Apple Store, but it also comes in the Premium Solo version ($9.99) and Premium Family ($29.99) version and is compatible with the iOS 15.0 and iPadOS 15.0 or later. 


Getting your kids involved in doing household chores enables them to learn important life skills that will benefit them all throughout their life. But let’s face it– most kids dislike doing chores, and will do their best to avoid them at all costs. However, if you give them a little incentive, it’s likely that your children may help you clean and tidy without making a fuss. If you need your kids to help out more, consider downloading the Homey app. This app teaches kids about work ethic, responsibility, earning money, and saving towards goals. The way this works is very simple as you only have to use the app to assign chores, set goals, track the completed the chores, and pay your kids once they’ve done their tasks.

Homey App Icon

This app is not only a fun way to get chores done, but it also teaches financial literacy since your kids actually get to see the fruits of their labor. Homey enables you to pay directly to your child’s account, and they can see how much they’ve earned. Doing it this way instead of handing some cash over to them allows them to save money and prevents them from spending it on frivolous things. Homey can be downloaded free from the Apple Store, but the paid version, which costs $4.99 per month, allows you to add unlimited family members and add or deduct funds to encourage good behavior. 


Got a wildly overgrown garden that needs serious care and maintenance? Or perhaps you’re physically unable to paint the exterior of your home due to a recent injury or illness? If there are tasks or chores that are difficult for you or you feel are best left to the experts, then download the TaskRabbit app today. This app connects you with Taskers within your area who can do all sorts of chores or errands for you, including furniture assembly, home repairs, cleaning, and moving, among others.

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To use the app, you need to describe the task and input your task location. Once you’re connected to a Tasker, you’ll be notified of the pricing, and some start at just below $50. All Taskers are vetted before joining the app, and if you’re not happy with the service, they can send someone to correct it to fulfill their Happiness Pledge. TaskRabbit can be downloaded free from the Apple Store.

The Bottom Line

Getting your home clean and tidy can be a challenge, but thankfully, there are apps that you can help you stay on top of chores, get your kids involved, and outsource tasks to other people. Download these cleaning apps to keep your home spotless, organized, and a pleasant place to be for your loved ones.

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