Mac Product History

Here are the complete product histories for the currently available Apple Desktop models.

iMac History

DateDays Since Last UpdateUpdate Event
8/15/19980iMac G3 Released
1/7/20021,241iMac G4 Released
8/31/2004967iMac G5 Released
1/10/20064971st Intel iMac (Plastic) Released
8/7/2007574Aluminum Body iMac
10/20/2009805Unibody iMac
11/30/20121,13721.5" Slim Display
1/15/20134627" Slim Display
10/16/201463927" Retina Display
10/13/201536221.5" Retina Display
6/5/2017601Component Update, iMacPro Announced
12/14/2017192iMac Pro Released
3/19/2019652iMac Processor Upgrade

Mac Mini History

DateDays Since Last UpdateUpdate Event
1/1/20050Initial Release
7/26/2005196Memory Upgrade
9/27/200561Component Update
2/28/2006154First Intel Processor
9/6/2006190Memory Upgrade
8/7/2007335Component Update
3/3/2009574Component Update
10/20/2009231Component Update
6/5/2010238Component Update
7/20/2011400Component Update
10/23/2012461Component Update
10/16/2014723Component Update
10/30/20181,475Product Refresh
3/18/2020505Double Storage Capacity in Standard Configuration
11/10/2020237New model with New Apple M1 chip

Mac Pro History

DateDays Since Last UpdateUpdate Event
8/7/20060Initial Release
1/8/2008519Component Update
3/3/2009420Component Update
8/9/2010524Component Update
6/11/2012672Component Update
12/19/2013556Component Update
4/4/20171202Component Update, Price Drop
12/10/2019980New Design Released

MacBook History

DateDays Since Last UpdateUpdate Event
3/9/20150Initial Release
4/19/2016407Processor Upgrade
6/5/2017412Component Update

MacBook Air History

DateDays Since Last UpdateUpdate Event
1/15/2008013" Initial Release
10/15/2008274Component Update
6/15/2009243Component Update
10/20/201049211" Initial Release
7/20/2011273Component Update
6/11/2012327Component Update
6/10/2013364Component Update
4/29/2014323Component Update
3/9/2015314Component Update
4/9/201639713" RAM Upgrade
6/5/2017422Component Update
10/30/2018512Major Refresh, Retina Display
3/18/2020505Updated Keyboard and Processor, Lower Price
11/10/2020237New 13" model with new Apple M1 chip

MacBook Pro History

DateDays Since Last UpdateUpdate Event
1/10/2006015" Initial Release
4/24/200610417" Initial Release
10/24/2006242Component Update
6/5/2007224Component Update
11/1/2007149Component Update
2/26/2008117Component Update
10/14/20082312nd Gen - Unibody
1/6/20098417" Component Update
3/9/20095615" Component Update
6/8/20099713" Released
4/13/2010309Processor Upgrade
2/24/2011317Component Update
6/11/2012473Component Update
10/27/20161,599New Models Introduced (Touchbar)
6/5/2017221Component Update
7/12/2018402Component Update to Touchbar models
7/9/2019362Entry Level 13" updated
11/13/201912716" MacBook Pro released. 15" MacBook Pro discontinued.
5/4/2020173Update to the 13" model
11/10/2020190New 13" model with Apple M1 chip

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